YESAB requests more info on McLean Lake batch plant

Territorial Contracting's proposed McLean Lake batch plant has hit yet another snag. On Jan.

Territorial Contracting’s proposed McLean Lake batch plant has hit yet another snag.

On Jan. 23, the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board, which is reviewing the Whitehorse project, issued a request for additional information.

The call for public comment ended Jan. 17. Submissions were made by the Kwanlin Dun First Nation, the Yukon Conservation Society, local residents and several Yukon government departments.

Based on these comments, the assessment board has decided it needs more information before proceeding to the recommendation stage.

The board wants to know how much land is required for the batch plant.

The company wants to enlarge the lot for the batch plant but the Yukon lands branch wants proof the enlargement is necessary.

The board also wants more details about the construction of a dam as well as the potential effects if the dam should fail.

The company plans to hold mixer truck washout water and runoff in a settling tank and treat that water if the pH is too high. Environment Yukon wants to know at what pH level the water will be treated.

Because of concerns over the project’s potential impact on water quality in the area, the assessment board has also asked for more information on groundwater beneath the property.

The original proposal suggested the project didn’t need a water-use licence.

A number of respondents, including Environment Yukon, thought otherwise.

The board said Territorial Contracting should submit its water-use licence application as soon as possible.

The board also asked the company to provide a spill response plan because of the large quantities of fuel that would be stored on the site.

The Kwanlin Dun, in its written submission to the board, took issue with the project’s anticipated lifespan of 40 to 50 years. The First Nation claims there is only enough gravel in the area to last the next 10 years.

The board wants to know the rationale behind the company’s claims that the McLean Lake resource extraction area was enough to sustain it throughout the proposed life of the batch plant.

The board asked what other gravel sources would be used, if required.

And lastly, the board addressed concerns over what’s known as Sleeping Giant Hill. It lies between the proposed plant and McLean Lake.

The board asked the proponent to indicate whether or not they intend to pursue quarry extraction from this hill.

Territorial Contracting has until Feb. 20 to either submit the requested information or advise the office in writing as to when it will be able to submit the information.

It has until Dec. 9, although this deadline can be extended in “exceptional” circumstances.

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