When a stranger calls

Don't be duped by phony phone calls, warns Whitehorse RCMP after receiving complaints from residents last week.

Don’t be duped by phony phone calls, warns Whitehorse RCMP after receiving complaints from residents last week.

Reps from a company called MCS are calling Whitehorse residents offering to lower their interest rates.

The caller asks to verify credit card and personal information, but when they’re put to the test they have no information to prove their authenticity, according to an RCMP release.

Police are advising the public to not share personal or financial information over the phone, and confirm the authenticity of a call by contacting their credit card provider.

Police ask residents who receive the phony calls to note the date and time of the call, the caller’s name and contact number, and report the calls to the RCMP at 667-5555. (LC)


Taylor went south for northern women

Ottawa recently announced increased funding to aboriginal women’s shelters on Indian Act reserves.

But northern First Nations won’t benefit because there are no reserves in the North.

Our concern is that none of this funding will be available to finance shelters in the three northern territories, said Elaine Taylor, the Yukon’s minister responsible for the women’s directorate.

Taylor took her concerns to a meeting of provincial and territorial ministers in Toronto last week.

That’s a good chunk of dollars that we’d like to be able to apply for, she said before leaving on the trip.

The need for shelters, especially for women fleeing violence and abuse, and particularly aboriginal women, we see as being greater in the North than it is in the rest of Canada, she said.

Taylor brought three main concerns to the meeting  the need for northern women’s shelters, the need for a status of women office based in the North and the prevalence of violence against aboriginal women in the three territories.

In the North there are a number of challenging and complex issues particularly when it comes to violence against women and aboriginal women.

We feel like having an office situated in the North, operated by individuals who live here and are aware of the issues, would certainly serve women much better. (LC)