Warning made after coyote kills small dog in rural Whitehorse area

Yukon Conservation Officer Services is warning residents to be vigilant when letting their pets go outside after a small dog was killed by a coyote in the Whitehorse area.

Caleb Stephen, a conservation officer, spoke with the News on June 11 about this incident and how pet owners can avoid it happening to them.

He said that there are wolves, bears and coyotes present in the subdivisions on the outskirts of Whitehorse and that this incident occurred near the Macpherson and Hidden Valley subdivisions.

An eight-pound dog was let outside and did not return. Stephen said a coyote was seen taking the dog.

He advised people to keep their pets on a leash or let them outside into a fenced area to mitigate the risk. He also warns that a coyote could harm other small pets like cats.

He adds that while coyotes are not “super prevalent” in the areas, it is best to assume they are out there at all times.

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