Tweens allowed to hunt

Tweens allowed to hunt It's now legal for 12-year-old Yukoners to hunt under their parents' licences.

It’s now legal for 12-year-old Yukoners to hunt under their parents’ licences.

One of the changes under the territorial government’s hunting regulations now allows families to take children between the ages of 12 and 13 hunting, and those kids can now actually shoot an animal themselves.

The government has long known anecdotally that Yukon families have gone hunting with their kids, and the change just makes something that’s already happening legal, said Nancy Campbell, a spokeswoman for Yukon Environment.

The other major changes in the regulations cover elk and wolf hunting seals.

The price of an elk seal is dropping to $10 from $50, and the sealing fee for wolves is removed altogether.

“By reducing the elk seal cost to $10 from $50, we are making it easier for hunters to be ready to harvest animals found in the exclusion areas, consistent with the elk management plan,” Dixon said. “This change aligns with the reduction in bison seals we made last year.”