Still no word on Slinky

Dawson City residents are still awaiting council's decision on the proposed Slinky mine.

Dawson City residents are still awaiting council’s decision on the proposed Slinky mine.

“I was given the impression that a meeting had taken place at which the Slinky mine development permit issue had been discussed,” says Jim Taggart. “Since then, I have repeatedly asked the city for an update on the status of the permit but to no avail.”

A decision has been made, said Mayor Peter Jenkins.

He refused to comment until the decision is made public.

Dawson’s chief administrative officer Jeff Renaud has been in emergency training all week, according to office staff.

He did not respond to interview requests by press time.

Renaud is the only person who can speak to the issue, say town staff.

“It really is disappointing that council is not being forthcoming about the situation,” said Taggart. “We’re both (residents and council) on the same side here. No one wants the city to lose the ability to control and regulate activities within the municipality. So why won’t our elected officials keep us up to date?”

The decision, an appeal to the council’s original decision to grant a conditional permit to Darrell Carey, who wants to mine several gold claims under the Midnight Dome subdivision, will be either a “yes” or “no,” said Jenkins.

The controversial mine was first proposed early this spring and has been challenged by many residents ever since.

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