RCMP Faro dog rescue press release


news release

2009-05-11 2009-485758


not to be released before: 2009-05-11

file no: 2009-485758


FARO, YUKON (May 7th & 8th, 2009) On May 7, 2009, Faro RCMP received a call from a

residence owner that his property was being flooded out by the Pelly River. RCMP officers went

to scene to assess the flooded area, at that time, portions of the Blind Creek road were under

water and the Blind Creek Bridge was being threatened by rising water.

Emergency Measures Organization were called and it was determined because of the late hour

that a response at this time would not be feasible. Officers contacted the resident and he

advised that he would be okay for the night and it appeared the water level was not rising.

On May 8, 2009, EMO members responded in morning with an ARGO but due to the water

rising several feet within the hour, they were unable to continue with the rescue. The resident

left area in a canoe with three of his dogs but had to leave behind close to thirty sled dogs. At

this time further assistance was requested from Faro Detachment and officers responded with

the Faro Detachment jet boat. The boat was launched onto the Blind Creek road in the flood

water and several trips were made to the residence where all the dogs and some personal

property removed.

RCMPolice advises the members of the public to be aware and cautious during seasonal spring

run off conditions.

Media Contact:

Cpl. Russell BLACKJACK

RCMP-Faro Deatchment