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There’s a lot of room for advancement in the trades, said Justice Minister Marian Horne. Start as an apprentice and work your way up to…

There’s a lot of room for advancement in the trades, said Justice Minister Marian Horne.

Start as an apprentice and work your way up to messiah or prophet.

“The other day, I was reading about a man whose trade I believe was shepherding, although I understand he was also something of a carver,” said Horne during a debate on a motion to increase skills training in the territory.

“He went on to become the world’s most respected lawmaker — his name was Moses.

“Of course, I think perhaps the world’s most famous carpenter also went on to achieve some success outside of his trade. I, and the rest of the Western world look forward to celebrating his birth on December 25.”

And you probably know the rest of the story.

Trades are becoming a more attractive job route for students graduating from high school, said Horne.

In October, 365 Yukon residents registered as apprentices in 31 of the 48 designated trades in the Yukon.

Nine of those are high school students.

“People who go into trades are not any less intelligent,” said Horne.

“In looking over the debates from previous years, I see how a member of the opposition liked to mention the lack of university education of one of my younger colleagues. I would have to say that I think our minister of Health and Social Services (Brad Cathers) acquits himself very well.”

And, like Jesus and Moses, Cathers “has found the mix that is right for him,” added Horne.

“He has found his niche. What an enviable position.”

May we suggest a promotion to minister responsible for Loaves and Fishes? (JW)

No laughing matter

Once John Edzerza was in motion, he just couldn’t stop.

On Wednesday, the NDP MLA stood up in the legislature and introduced 16 consecutive motions.

They all attacked the Yukon Party’s lack of action on the substance abuse action plan.

It calls for increased inspection of licensed operations, including bars.

That’s not being done, said Edzerza.

It calls for a new driver’s licence with security features.

It doesn’t exist, noted Edzerza.

The list went on.

The action plan calls for more addiction counsellors for students, access to BC’s 24-hour substance-abuse crisis line and a substance-abuse resource directory for Yukon communities.

It also demands more support for high-risk young women, improved alcohol and drug education in schools, counselling for children affected by substance abuse and a community harm reduction fund.

None of this has happened, said Edzerza.

“I urge the government to take long-overdue action to implement the substance abuse action plan,” he said.

Health Minister Brad Cathers couldn’t stop chuckling as Edzerza expressed his concerns. (GK)