More delays ahead for the OCP

More delays ahead for the OCP Another delay has stalled the draft release of the city's Official Community Plan.

Another delay has stalled the draft release of the city’s Official Community Plan.

A public council and special management meeting scheduled Thursday evening to discuss the results of months of public consultation and drafting was cancelled.

The Official Community Plan, drawn up about every five years, is a master planning document which guides all of the city’s future planning and decision-making. Twenty-one public consultation sessions were held over the winter and spring to field opinions from the public on issues ranging from green-space management, urban residential development and industrial development.

The city has long touted the importance of the public’s input into the plan and yet it has provided little information to Whitehorse residents on how far the city is in the process of completing the plan.

The meeting was scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. Thursday evening but at 5:05 p.m. the doors of city hall were locked and there were no signs on either doorway to indicate that the meeting had been cancelled.

There was also no update on the website that the meeting was off.

The three-hour meeting will be rescheduled to December 3. The meeting was bumped to give councillors more time to respond to a draft document of the plan they received last week, said city planner Ben Campbell.

Next week’s meeting about the official community plan will be closed to the public.

(Vivian Belik)