This map shows the location of the sewer main repairs. (Courtesy/City of Whitehorse)

This map shows the location of the sewer main repairs. (Courtesy/City of Whitehorse)

High capacity pump to be used on Whitehorse sewer main repairs

Will reduce pressure in main

City crews are once again finalizing plans to attempt another repair on a leaking section of the city’s sewer main on the east side of the Yukon River.

Previous attempts this week have yielded no success due to high water levels and the amount of wastewater flowing through the system.

In a Sept. 1 statement, the city said crews will be attempting to bypass the Marwell Lift Station by using a high capacity pump to divert any wastewater into the Yukon River while the repair is being done. It’s believed that should reduce pressure in the main so that crews can replace the leaking and cracked section.

Until work gets underway, wastewater will continue flowing through the leaking main with approximately 1.5 per cent of all sewage in the city passing through the main where the leak is.

Wastewater has flowed through the main since crews attempted a bypass Tuesday, but residents continue to be encouraged to limit recreational activities downstream from the leak and to reduce water use whenever possible.

The leak was first detected Aug. 24 as part of regular maintenance on the system. As crews continued to work towards a repair, a larger crack was found near the original leak.

A cause has not yet been determined and costs won’t be known until after the repair is complete.

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