Tombstone Territorial Park is seen in autumnal splendour on Sept. 5, 2021. (Haley Ritchie/Yukon News file)

Tombstone Territorial Park is seen in autumnal splendour on Sept. 5, 2021. (Haley Ritchie/Yukon News file)

Government survey seeks feedback on campgrounds and parks

Survey will gauge interest on noise, pets, liquor, smoking and more

The Yukon government wants to hear from Yukoners about park regulations in the lead up to next year’s camping season.

Yukoners can have their say on noise, domestic animals, liquor, smoking, on-road and off-road vehicles, aircraft use (including drones), park zoning, permitting and other parks regulations in a government-issued survey.

“I encourage all Yukoners to submit their feedback on how we can continue to improve our regulations in parks across the Yukon and help ensure that everyone has a great experience camping in the territory,” Minister of Environment Nils Clarke said in the April 29 release.

The survey is available in French and English. The questionnaire is broken down into 11 sections.

The public feedback process will feed into modernizing park regulations in the territory.

“Your answers will help us develop fair, transparent and appropriate rules governing activities in territorial parks and campgrounds,” reads a preamble to the survey.

The government is expecting to have updated regulations for the 2023 camping season.

The Yukon Parks Strategy, launched in August 2020, sets out long-term government commitments to the development of parks, campgrounds and recreation sites for the next decade.

One of the ten priorities outlined in the strategy is modernizing regulations to effectively manage the territory’s system of parks. Park regulations govern what kinds of activities are allowed, prohibited and restricted in Yukon parks and campgrounds.

The proposed regulation changes focus on public safety and visitor experience, environment and heritage protection, and administrative and operational needs.

Responses are being collected by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics. All information gathered is protected under the Statistics Act and will remain anonymous.

The survey closes on July 4.

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