Emco leads on the links

Emco 4-Skins are tough to beat. The team earned the full eight points again this week using the skins format at the Men’s Commercial Golf at…

Emco 4-Skins are tough to beat.

The team earned the full eight points again this week using the skins format at the Men’s Commercial Golf at Mountainview.

This maintains its lead in the standings,  ahead of Shoppers Drug, which earned six points along with MacKay LLP, Pour Rite Construction, Missing Links, Feature Foods, Ketza Construction, The Chain Gang, Macdonald & Co., Total Trac Yukon, and Kal Tire.

Next week the format will go back to the regular stroke play.

Standings: (June 14 score, total points)

1st Emco 4-Skins, 8, 36

2nd Shoppers Drug, 6, 30

3rd MacKay LLP, 6, 29

4th Pour Rite Construction,

6, 26

5th  Matco Transportation, 4, 26

6th Missing Links, 6, 25

7th Skookum Asphalt,

3,     24

8th Feature Foods, 6, 23

9th Ketza Construction, 6, 23

10th Super A, 4, 22

11th Northwestel, 2, 22

12th Olson Construction, 4, 21

13th The Chain Gang,

6,     21

14th P&M Recycling, 2, 20

15th Lister’s Motor Sports, 2, 20

16th Macdonald & Co., 6, 19

17th Total Trac Yukon, 6, 19

18th Talmark/Sit Easy, 2, 19

19th Roadhouse Bar & Grill,

5, 18

20th Triple “J” Services, 2, 17

21st Roadhouse Offsales Relics,

2, 16

22nd Kal Tire,

6, 15

23rd NuWay Crushing, 0, 15

24th Irving Collision, 2, 15

25th Whitehorse Business

Machines, 4, 12

26th Northerm, 2, 10

27th Super Save Propane, 2, 9

28th Casa Loma Motel, 2, 8


Minor Soccer

Under-13 (Tuesday)

Woodhouse Business Consulting 7

Kal Tire 1

Everything from passing to goal-keeping came together for Woodhouse as they deflated Kal Tire.

Leading the scoring for the Woodhouse squad was Max Melvin-McNutt with four goals, while singles were added by Adrian Blythe, Clare Pugh (a beautiful volley off of a McNutt cross) and Emily Oettli.

Claire Abbott took the MVP nod, her defensive play plugged up the centre of the field and prevented Kal Tire from generating much of an attack.

Kal Tire’s goal was scored by Garet Heynen, and the MVP was Thomas Mostyn, who stopped many of the Woodhouse shots on goal.

Alpine Bakery 3

Intersport 2

Dylan Sands led Alpine to victory in this close match, scoring all three goals. Mikeala Shaw took the MVP honours.

Michael Hare netted two for Intersport, and the MVP was Seamus Beairsto.

Bumper to Bumper 5

Qualita Cleaners 2

Bumper to Bumper managed to get ahead of Qualita, no scoring info was available, however.

Qualita’s Ryan Burke netted both goals for his team, and Casey McWatters was named top player.

Soccer tots MVPs (Thursday)

Mosi Oa Tunya Montessori — Saul Gale for his fast running and great ball handling skills and Oliver Paldy for his great humour and eagerness to participate.

Yukon Alaska Log Homes — Neil Mikkelsen for great enthusiasm and Aidan Hupe for super teamwork.