Carcross sees improved water treatment

Upgrades to the Carcross water treatment plant are now complete.

Upgrades to the Carcross water treatment plant are now complete.

Officials were in the community last week to celebrate the improvements, which included creating a new water truck bay and a dedicated area where the public can fill personal water containers.

The water treatment equipment has also been upgraded to meet federal drinking water quality guidelines.

In 2006, Canada updated its drinking water standards and cut the allowable levels of naturally occurring arsenic in half, among other changes.

But the federal government only suggests the guidelines. Provinces and territories make their own drinking water quality regulations.

Since then Yukon and Canada have been investing heavily in upgrades to water treatment infrastructure.

The Carcross improvements cost $4.3 million. Three quarters of that came from the federal government, and the rest from Yukon.

All of the water facilities that the Yukon operates meet the territory’s regulations for drinking water quality, said Dwayne Muckosky, director of operations and programs with Community Services.

The departments will upgrade the facilities in Tagish next, and is working on a new facility for the Deep Creek area, he said.

“Once these upgrades are completed, all the plants that we operate will be compliant with the Canadian drinking water quality guidelines.”