How to Find the Best College Essay Writing Service for You and Get the Full Benefit

Being a student in USA has been increasingly tough, especially in times of pandemic restrictions. Written assignments reign supreme in remote learning environments, while students see little support normally due to them on campus. Left fending for themselves, many try to find alternative ways to supplement their course materials and alleviate the study load.

Online resources offer many opportunities: one-on-one video lessons with tutors, access to open-source libraries, and assistance with academic writing services. How to choose the right one for you is another question. The majority will rely on reviews from independent platforms like Sitejabber and Trustpilot. However, most often, this will only give a general impression as to the credibility of the resource and the level of customer service.

Now, let’s assume you already have a handful of web addresses you decided to check out based on all the crowd-sourced feedback. Let’s find out how you can assess the offerings of the resource minutely to find the perfect match for you.

Tips for Finding College Admission Essay Writing Service

Here I must mention that the best source of primary info about admissions is still your school counselor. Then – the official website of a college you aspire to gain entrance into. However, even if you know everything there is to know and have gathered all the necessary papers in one place, you still have one thing left on your admission to-do list. And it’s a biggie.

I am talking, of course, about the personal statement and the writing supplements that sometimes exceed the personal statement in volume. That’s when the college application essay writing service comes into play. There are many personalities online who build their brand on getting students into Ivy League colleges – allegedly. However, the actual success rate is hard to verify. Plus, the services of these private advisors cost an arm and a leg, so most students and their parents cannot afford them anyway.

A college paper writing service, on the other hand, is a more affordable alternative. For example, writes customized samples of any paper type, including admissions, at only a fraction of a price a private advisor would have charged you. Don’t forget that you will have to budget several personal statements for different colleges and school-specific writing supplements on top of that. With essay writing services, you get charged per page of text you get. On the contrary, private advisors send invoices based on the time they spend helping you, which is not the most economical option if you apply to multiple schools.

Another argument in favor of an essay writing service is its versatility. A service usually works with many writers who are alumni of multiple different colleges and have degrees in a wide variety of academic fields. This allows a service to assign you a writer who, in their own time, has successfully got into a school with a very similar profile to your target college. Maybe even the very same, if you are lucky!

PaperHelp and its newbie rival WowEssays both allow you to select a category of your writer to balance the writer’s experience with affordability in a way that best suits you.

The important thing when you use these services for admission assistance is to state the type of paper you need right away. For example, set “personal statement” or “admission essay” as a general type. Then, necessarily add everything you wish to see in the sample essay. For example, word count, tone of voice, any personal details or ideas for a narrative. The more information you give, the more tailored the sample is to your needs.

To sum up, when you choose an admission essay writing service, look for the following:

  • Reasonable price
  • Across-the-board expertise in different areas of knowledge (Liberal Arts, STEM, Natural Sciences, Creative writing, etc.)
  • Robust settings menu that allows you to customize the essay entirely
  • Ethical advertising (no empty promises of highest grades or getting you into the school of your dreams)
  • Consumer guarantees (money-back, anonymity)

It goes without saying that the websites given as examples in the post check all the boxes. Otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend them to you.

Tips for Finding a Custom College Essay Writing Service

Now that you got in, you’d think your troubles are over. Far from it! This writing marathon has only just begun. And it’s a multidiscipline one. Now you will have to master all sorts of genres, citation styles, and various theories linked to scholarly conventions and optics they use.

That’s challenging to say the least. Even students who believe themselves to be natural writers may find academic rigor inflicted upon them during their first year trying. That’s why you may need regular assistance from an essay writing service. Even if you turn to your company of choice very occasionally, you should be smart about it. Otherwise, it’s not going to be cheap.

That’s why Evolution Writers is probably the best essay writing service for college students who live on a tight budget and cannot afford to splash out even when they really need help. The beauty of it is that the service allows you to significantly save when you plan ahead.

The general rule of thumb for all websites mentioned here is “the longer the deadline, the smaller the check.” Yet Evolution Writers took this rule and ran away with it. The difference between the price for the shortest available deadline (3 hours) and the extended one (14 days+) is x5. The early bird catches the worm, indeed!

That said, PaperHelp and WowEssay base their pricing on similar models – the difference is slight. However, all the websites offer considerable value for the money:

  • You get a customized sample that shows you exactly how your assignment must be executed
  • You outsource smaller, less significant tasks to free up time for important projects
  • You take care of your mental health by relieving the pressure of urgent assignments
  • Your hone your academic writing skills, including style and grammar, which is particularly useful for international and ESL students

The tips to choosing the best essay writing service when you’re already a student:

  • Flexible system of deadlines (you must be able to set the date)
  • Affordability (especially relevant if you take out student loans)
  • Customizability (with so many subjects and paper types, you need all the leverage you can get)
  • Consumer guarantees (money-back and originality – there’s nothing worse than being caught with a plagiarized passage in your paper)
  • Focus on security and anonymity (you don’t want your school to know about the extra help you’re getting)
  • Round-the-clock assistance (because students never sleep)

If the service ticks all those boxes, you may consider trusting it. Yet remember, whichever website you choose – it’s just a resource that helps you learn. It cannot do the learning for you. So get help when you feel overwhelmed, but don’t get lazy.

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