ThePhotoStick OMNI Reviews – Is It Worth Buying?

ThePhotoStick Omni is an easy-to-use backup software. Its prime function is to provide you with a strong backup to secure your videos and photos on your computer and multimedia phone. It can efficiently sort out your photos from a pool of thousands of photographs and ensures that you don’t miss out on your cherished moments. ThePhotoStick Omni is a solution to the numerous problems of users. Often, we see that our computer or laptop collapses miserably or does not respond at all. These instances put us in a very tight situation because we anticipate losing our data, including our memorable photos and videos. At this stage, we fail to understand how to get back our photos and videos. This wonderful device is attached to a USB, and it is so handy that you can save and preserve your videos and photos forever with only a click.

Product definition

ThePhotostick Omni is a customized device that is fully dedicated to handling your photos and videos and safeguarding them against any untoward event. Some people confuse it with an ordinary USB device that stores data. This device is guided by software that can search your data in the computer effectively and instinctively, sort out the photos and videos that you want, and back them up safely. The best part of this device is that it works on your computer and your multimedia phone also. It works very efficiently to ensure that your photos and videos are kept in the order that you remember.

ThePhotoStick Omni features

ThePhotoStick Omni is known for its unique features. At first glance, it may give you the impression that it is merely a USB storage device. However, a close look at the product will ensure that it is far more than that. Besides being a powerful storage device, its main function is to provide all kinds of safety and security to your photos and videos. A practical experience with the device done by our review team has revealed some of its unique features, which include:

Great storage capacity

Apart from some smart ways of dealing with your photos and videos, this device is specifically known for its phenomenal storage capacity. The reason for this incredible storage capability is that it has been designed to be the one-stop solution to all the issues related to photos as well as videos. The manufacturer has designed the device with a maximum storage capacity of 256 GB to accommodate 120,000 photos and videos.

Comprehensive searching ability

ThePhotoStick Omni is laced with technology that allows it to carry out searches exhaustively and ensure that no video file or image file remains unaccounted for.

Time-saving efficiency

ThePhotoStick Omni works very smartly to save you valuable time. It ensures that the users backup and sort out files as many as thousands in record time. In this way, it helps you save your precious time.

Great compatibility with all OSs

Compatibility with all other OSs is an important feature of ThePhotoStick Omni device. You will find it very convenient to use on Windows, Android, and Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How to use ThePhotoStick Omni?

This device has a very simple working mechanism. First, you need to plug it into the USB slot on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or any other multimedia device. This way, you get it started. Soon, you will see the pop-up ThePhotoStick® OMNI GO on your screen. Now, you have to select ‘Go.’ Instantly, you will get access to all your videos and photos to be backed up safely by the device.

Is ThePhotoStick OMNI compatible with all OSs?

Yes, it is compatible with a wide range of operating systems. When we talk of the operating system, it means that this device takes into consideration different versions also. You can use it with different Windows 7 SP-1 [Server Pack-1], Apple OS 10.13, iOS, iPad OS 13, Android 6.0, and all other versions.

Can ThePhotoStick OMNI search all types of files?

Yes, this advanced software is compatible with almost all standard file types. This feature allows the device to search files such as GIF [.gif], JPEG [jpg., jpeg., jiff., jpe., etc.], PNG [.png], TIFF [tiff., tif., etc.], BMP [bmp., dib., rle, etc.], MPEG4, ICO, Photoshop, Camera Raw, WMV, AVI and MOV.

Which is the best-suited version of ThePhotoStick OMNI for me?

The choice of version depends on your specific use. The version of the device varies in terms of its storage capacity. If you need a device of moderate capacity, you can purchase the device with 128 GB storage to back up around 60,000 videos and photos. Another version comes with a storage capacity of 256 GB to accommodate 120,000 videos as well as images.

What is the average file size of the photos and videos to match the number of files accommodated in ThePhotoStick OMNI storage?

In a device with a storage capacity of 128 GB, you can store 60,000 photos, each having a file size of 2 Megabytes [MB]. If you convert it into JPEG format, the disc size would drastically come down to 8MP. However, a video file cannot be contained in 8MP because it occupies a greater disc size.

Does the functioning of ThePhotoStick OMNI need the support of any specific software?

No, there is no need to install any software while using ThePhotoStick OMNI. It runs on its programmed software that includes everything that is required to sort out photos and videos and back them up.

Is ThePhotoStick OMNI covered by any warranty?

According to the research done by our review team, the company does offer a restricted warranty in terms of any fault in the material or craft. In such cases only, you can get it exchanged within 60 days of its purchase. If the product does not match your fancy or requirement, you can get your money back within 60 days. To be eligible for a money-back guarantee, you must inform customer service and follow the instructions given thereafter. You can contact customer service using this Email: support@thephotostick.com or returns@thephotostick.com.

The Bottom line

ThePhotoStick OMNI provides you with a complete solution for sorting, searching, and backing up your videos and photos. There are many individuals for whom losing their cherished videos and photos is like a nightmare. These people often envision that they might lose their stored videos and photos from their computer or mobile phone. ThePhotoStick Omni comes to the rescue of those individuals. So, if you possess this device with you, it means you have a valid reason to smile all the time.


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