Fire North Inc offers Guardian Fire Shields state of the art automatic fire extinguisher!

Fire North Inc offers Guardian Fire Shields state of the art automatic fire extinguisher!

How this local company is bringing fire safety to Yukon!

Offering innovative + advanced solutions for homes, business

As Yukoners living in the northern boreal forests, we’re no stranger to fire.

After the Keno City Hotel burned down, followed by several other buildings in the Yukon this past winter, it became clear to Yukon technology developer, Kryotek Inc, that more advanced and innovative fire safety products were needed.

It was with that goal in mind that they formed Fire North Inc. – helping bring new fire safety products to the Yukon and Mackenzie Delta!

“We started off by collaborating with two innovative Canadian companies that specialize in fire protection products – Guardian Fire Shield and WASP Wildfire,” explains Fire North’s Astrid Grawehr. “Those two companies have some pretty incredible products.”

Guardian Fire Shield has a fire extinguisher, for example, that’s a triple threat – automatic, easy to install and since it isn’t affected by the cold, it will last through even the chilliest Yukon winter. Perfect for inside homes, camps, cabins and shops, this extinguisher automatically activates the moment the air temperature reaches 57C. Compared to traditional fire extinguishers that need to be turned upside down every month and re-charged yearly so they don’t become ineffective, the GFS is an excellent alternative.

The WASP Wildfire sprinklers are another great product – inexpensive, easy to install, and with a record of saving houses from airborne forest fire embers, making them the perfect solution for those with buildings surrounded by forests.

And through Fire North, you can also rent, lease or purchase one of WASP’s top-of-the-line Type II Structure Protection Units. Think of them as a smaller version of a fire truck – they’re fully equipped trailers used by BC, Alberta, and California wildfire fighters to protect communities, subdivisions, industrial sites, farms and more.

Through their association with GFS and WASP, Fire North has also secured a distributorship with MAUS, a Swedish fire safety company manufacturing innovative products such as “Fire STIXX,” small stickers that release a fire retardant if flame touches them. They can be adhered to chimney chases, boat engine compartments, above cook stoves, washer and dryers and more!

As most Yukon communities, including Whitehorse, are in high-risk wildfire zones, and many rural communities do not have access to fire fighters, Fire North is proud to supply these products to Yukoners.

“With our population growing into the wildland interface, fire is becoming an increasing issue to the safety of our communities,” Astrid notes. “We believe our rural communities and increasing population deserve to have access to state-of-the-art fire safety options and it’s our aim to increase our communities’ resilience toward fire.”

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