Liberal Leader Ranj Pillai

Liberal Leader Ranj Pillai

Yukon Liberal Party is ‘going in the right direction’: party president

The party held an annual general meeting and policy convention on Jan. 28

The Yukon Liberal Party reviewed and did a status update on commitments made by the party in 2016 and 2011 at an annual general meeting and policy convention on Jan. 28, according to the party’s president.

In a Feb. 2 email from president Carly Carruthers, party members also discussed current challenges such as increases to the cost of living, access to health care, housing and climate change.

“The main policy outcome was that the Yukon Liberal Party is going in the right direction for Yukoners by balancing economic growth with protecting our environment,” Carruthers said.

“We are focused on both economic and social recovery from COVID-19. We intend to continue to implement the solutions in the plans Yukon Liberals have developed in consultation with all Yukoners.”

“We are committed to balancing practical short-term decisions with longer term visionary solutions for the future,” Carruthers said.

“This was a policy convention in the middle of a mandate.”

Carruthers said more than 300 Yukoners joined the party during the leadership campaign, despite the lack of a contest.

While the original plan was to hold a leadership convention on Jan. 28, the now-Premier Ranj Pillai, who ran uncontested, was acclaimed as party leader by the Liberal party executive at a Jan. 8 meeting after candidate nominations closed.

The party members also selected an executive: Carly Carruthers as president, George Filipovic as vice president, Clarence Timmons as treasurer and Linda Casson as secretary, as well as Staci McIntosh, Maria Vida Pelayo and Amy Ryder.

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