Yukon letters

This week’s mailbox: A grocery store good samaritan

It was -39C and the ice fog was as thick as pea soup when my husband and I braved the cold to do a grocery run earlier this week. We quickly found what we needed in the grocery store and lined up at the cash. Only to be told that the one credit card I had with me wouldn’t work. (It’s the one I use specifically for groceries.)

For some reason they could accept some credit cards but not others. And neither of us had our bank card with us, so we couldn’t go to the ATM at get cash.

This is when a good Samaritan came to our aid. The young woman in front of us at the cash, whose credit card did work, insisted, absolutely insisted, on paying our groceries for us. She did not want two old folks to have to go out into the cold, organize some cash and then brave the ice fog to come back to the store.

Initially our good Samaritan didn’t want me to reimburse her. But after some back and forth, I did finally get her contact information.

Now that’s what I call a good story for the Christmas season. My thanks once again to our good Samaritan.

Dagmar Rudzewitsch