Whitehorse mayor lauds RCMP presence


As I was riding my bicycle along the waterfront on the weekend, I could not help but admire the array of citizens who were enjoying this wonderful area of our great city.

From children playing in the water park, to seniors walking their dogs, and everything in between, I was thinking to myself that I really would not want to be anywhere else but here.

This feeling was strengthened when I came across an RCMP officer on duty. As we talked, he explained that he had been patrolling along the waterfront over a couple of hours. He was able to perform a range of duties during this time, from being an ambassador for Whitehorse by answering tourists’ questions, to keeping an eye out for potential issues before they arose.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our RCMP partners for being instrumental in making our citizens feel safer every day, as well as welcoming tourists to our beautiful city. It is much appreciated.


Dan Curtis

Mayor of Whitehorse