Calculating the true cost of vehicle ownership

Calculating your actual cost of car ownership is a lot more complicated than most of us think.

  • Mar 17, 2017

Yukon machine gunners thrust into the cauldron of battle

The men recruited by Joe Boyle in the Yukon in 1914 finally entered the field of battle in Belgium in August of 1916. Now renamed the Yukon Machine Gun Battery, they were designated “E” Battery of the 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade.

Sandy Silver’s first 100 days kind of a snooze fest

New Yukon Premier Sandy Silver’s first 100 days in office wrapped up earlier this week. The first 100 days are a critical time for a new government, especially one elected on a “change” mandate.

Bear vs rabbit caught on camera near Whistler
Dr. Bonnie Henry given a Gitxsan name
New Zealand Prime Minister on TV during earthquake
Alberta opens up more businesses as COVID-19 cases decline

Let public review trail applications sooner

Inclusiveness is one of the four guiding principles of the 2007 trail plan. This principle commits the city “to including the public in determining guidelines for trail system development, use, preservation and maintenance.”

Carbon tax: Count me in

Even the very debate about a carbon tax has focused minds on our environmentally expensive lifestyle

Exploring the old Kluane wagon road

It’s the itch you have to scratch, the urge to which you must submit. It’s the compulsion to get out on the land and touch history where it happened. It is historitis, and Gord Allison of Haines Junction has a powerful case of it.

Understanding fuel ratings


  • Mar 10, 2017

Thanks to anonymous donor

The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is an organization that is part of the Masonic family and is open to both Freemasons in good standing and women who have a family relationship to a Freemason.

Bison hunters beware

On Feb. 28 I was on my way to my set up wall tent west and north of the Trans Canada Trail cabin. I arrived at 4 p.m. to realize that somebody had been there before and the tent, chimney, and stove were all gone.

Recent missteps aside, Maxime Bernier could win the Conservative leadership race

If you have an office pool going on who will be the next leader of the federal Conservative Party — and by extension the most likely person to be the next prime minister — Maxime Bernier wouldn’t be a bad pick.

  • Mar 8, 2017

How about geothermal?

Why not geothermal energy on the grid for power in the Yukon? Scientific studies say the Tintina trench, near Ross River, is the hottest geothermal deposit in Canada.

Canadian business implicated in Honduran rights abuses

Exactly one year ago, Indigenous environmental leader and winner of the prestigious international Goldman environmental award, Berta Caceres, was gunned down in her own home.

How Klondike Joe saved the crown jewels of Romania

By 1914, Joe Boyle had made a fortune running a gold dredging company in the Klondike. During World War I, he went to in search of adventure; he found it. In the summer of 1917, he was thrust into the chaos of revolutionary Russia.

Just hang on: satellites are coming to save suffering internet users

I have to admit I was wrong. I have been harping about the need to build a backup fibre optic cable since 2011. I argued we needed to escape from the tyranny of Fort Nelson’s backhoe operators.

Yukon tourism slogan is boring

I noticed in a recent Wyatt cartoon, the slogan “Land of the Midnight Sun.” How nostalgic. There are numerous catchy slogans around: Air North with “North of Ordinary,” the province of B.C. with “Super Natural” and so on.

Reveal yourselves, trolls

After reading Kyle Carruthers’ excellent article about M-103 in the Feb. 22 edition of the Yukon News, I went online to see just how hateful the comments were.

How much would you pay for internet redundancy?

How much are we willing to pay to complete a second fibre optic line connecting internet users in the territory to the world outside?

  • Mar 1, 2017