Open letter to Yukon MP Larry Bagnell


Open letter to Yukon MP Larry Bagnell:

Well, I have to give kudos to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on this one. He is correct. Financing large sports projects for pro sports at taxpayers

expense is a big “thumbs-down” for me, also. They make a lot of money and pay players millions. I think they should raise the funding themselves. Not

on my back.

I cannot see the pro teams lowering ticket prices because the government gave them money to build. And let’s face the truth, as ugly as it gets

sometimes, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is promoting this purely from a vote-getting platform. Really, we are not blind, deaf and stupid. We all know

that the votes in Quebec are very important to winning/losing an election.


If Mr. Ignatieff happens to get in, please have him write a cheque for a brand new sports arena for Whitehorse. And quickly, before the shine fades!

So let’s get real.

What are the Liberals going to do if they form the government? Let’s see some concrete plans and the costs from the Liberal side. Enough with the who did what to whom stuff. I am tired of the mumbo-jumbo. I need facts to decide my vote. Where are you people at with some clear, concise, transparent and accountable plans for Canada?

All of Canada. I am so tired of this whole process, I cannot tell you. I get almost ill when I see any party cozying up to an ethnic group. And don’t tell me all parties don’t do it. They do. The government of Canada is for all Canadians, no matter our backgrounds. It does not matter where someone comes from. We all have to obey the laws and we all have to make a living here.

So let’s see some good clear objectives. Put them right out there for the voters to see, along with costs. I am sure millions of us would be gratified to be able to look things over and give you opinions either one way or the other. I really don’t think this secrecy of platforms and unveilings, etc. is necessary. “The truth shall set you free.”

I hear a lot of politicians talk about voter apathy, but honestly, it probably is good for the politicians. If the populace cares little and makes no noise, it is easier to get what you want with as little effort as possible.

Grant Rayson Whitehorse