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Laughing at Liberals I find it very funny to hear Prime minister Martin claim that Canada cannot afford a Tory government, especially after the huge…

Laughing at Liberals

I find it very funny to hear Prime minister Martin claim that Canada cannot afford a Tory government, especially after the huge spending binge the drunken sailors NDP/Liberal Party has been on.

They must have been filled with the Christmas spirit as everyone with their hand out received an envelope stuffed with cash in true Liberal style. 

Only the Tories are offering a balanced, and affordable plan this election. A plan with things that will help ordinary people, like a cut to the GST and an extra $1,200 per child for families.

I for one, look forward to paying less GST when I buy clothes or gas, and I don’t trust Paul Martin to deliver on some vague promise of some mystery tax cuts that don’t seem to leave me with anymore money anyway.

I would prefer targeted tax credits to make having children more affordable, instead of some Adscam-style patronage child-care program that I will later find out I don’t meet the criteria of.

The Liberals of course would like to give you these things, but they believe if Ottawa doesn’t control your spending you’ll just waste the money on popcorn and beer while your children go hungry.

Finally the Tories would return our military to its former status as a world-respected force, one that would be able to move efficiently and effectively from disaster to disaster providing those in need with safety and aid.

Then the next time there is a disaster, like the tsunami, we won’t spend weeks hearing about the good things the US and Australia are doing and wondering why our country is doing nothing.

Let us return to the days when the government worked for us and not the other way around, it is long past time to throw the crooks out.

Mark S. Noel


Don’t gamble on Tories

I have a very uneasy feeling about Canadians and their political sense.

There you are, that happy country with the absolute best economy on Earth. It needed a dozen of years and the Liberals at work to change the Canadian economy from worse to best.

Finance minister Paul Martin was the wizard who cunningly led the Canadian economy on top of the worldwide league of industrial nations.

With exact the same procedure the German economic magician Prof. Erhard once used: By stopping the public debt. By taxing the rich. By feeding the spending power of the families, the working class and the poor.

Each electorate in every other country would gladly give Paul Martin four more years, knowing then he will have sunk the rate of unemployment to three per cent, what in economic terms means: full employment — a dream all over the world.

In Canada it’s near reality. But no — apparently most Canadians have enough of this.

All  I hear is the call for a change.

Which change? What for?

I ask everybody to take a look at Germany. Thirty years back she was the economic Wunderkind.

But 16 years of conservatives and another eight years of socialist-green rule brought downfall and decline.

Today Germany is bringing up the economic rear of all industrial nations, but Canada is the unchallenged leader of that league.

Paul Martin was directing it, and his financial wisdom brought the Wirtschaftswunder to Canada!

Perhaps you need an example?

Germany is a country where several thousand fast-running trains are on the tracks daily, crisscrossing the nation.

And all those trains are no longer built by Thyssen, Siemens, Krupp or another  German company!

Bombardier is building them nowadays!

Who tells you that? I am a German of 74, with a lifelong experience, 50 years of it as an economic scientist.

I have travelled the world for many years to learn more about running national economies.

I hope the Canadian electorate will have sense enough to give Paul Martin and his Liberals one more turn to power.

To everybody’s knowledge, there is only one way to economic prosperity — the way Paul Martin is leading you.

All other economic policies lead down to the ditch.

Now it’s up to you as you cast your vote: You can keep Canada on Paul Martin’ s way to complete economic success — or accompany Germany into the second league.

Please remember: Voting Day is not a gambling day.

To quote a well-known southern neighbour: It’s the economy, stupid.

Jo Bentfield