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‘A clear vision for a bright future?’ Re Too little, too late (The News, Friday), We, as many others do, agree with Richard Mostyn,…

‘A clear vision

for a bright future?’

Re Too little, too late (The News, Friday),

We, as many others do, agree with Richard Mostyn, “Too little, too late,” but with the Yukon Party that is par for the course.

Fentie, to have a clear vision you and the Yukon Party must first do a lot of soul searching.

The mud, we will call it, must be flushed.

The people forming a government must be honest.

The people forming a government must have integrity.

The people forming a government must be accountable.

When you have a government, such as the Yukon Party, that lacks honesty, integrity and accountability, you cannot, nor should you promise the people of the Yukon a bright future.

We Yukoners will all look forward to a very bright future without the Yukon Party.

A new government is what we need and want.

Tim & Stel Gregory


Reindeer massacre


Re front-page headline Lang’s costly killing machine (The News, Friday),

The killing machine cost $175,000.

Our questions to Archie Lang and the Yukon Party government are:

Why purchase a $175,000 killing machine, when you have killing machines in your employ?

Why don’t you provide to farmers the same killing machines that you have used previously to perform farm kills?

Don’t know what we are talking about?

Remember the cruel and violent reindeer massacre of May 21st, 2005.

The killing machines are the Yukon Party government, Yukon Renewable Resources, Yukon’s department of Energy, Mines and Resources and the Yukon game branch.

Fifty-six reindeer lost their lives on that day in May. It was animal cruelty and inhumane treatment that befell these gentle reindeer at the hands of the Yukon Party government’s killing machines.

Tim & Stel Gregory


Of bronze dogs …

So let me get this straight. The Yukon Quest manager is proposing to erect an 18-metre-long bronze statue of a dog sled team, sled and musher at a proposed cost between $400,000 to $1 million.

Wouldn’t the money be better spent on low-cost spay/neuter clinics for those mushers (or other dog owners) who cannot afford it, but want to get the dog population under control?

How about funding a program to re-house existing surplus sled dogs (again, any dogs)?

Expanding the Humane Society’s budget and/or jurisdiction so that they are not strapped for space, personnel and other resources is another good cause.

Or, how about promoting responsible dog ownership through education starting at the school level?

I can think of a variety of realistic and viable ways for the federal/territorial government to spend that kind of money.

Especially in lieu of the tragic incidents that involved dogs beginning with the unfortunate slaughter of 74 sled dogs and more recently the heartbreaking accident concerning the Pomeranian and the Italian mastiffs.

We, who are involved with companion or working animals in any way — the Quest, vets, pet stores, groomers, petsitters, trainers, tour operators, kennels and the list goes on — have even a greater accountability as our businesses and organizations directly profit and flourish from frontline interactions with animals.

I ask us to stop and think for just a moment. What is more important?

A statue or reverence for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Kathreen (Kelly) MaGill, TTouch C.A.P.1

Inuksugaqrun Kennels

Thanks for the

great service

The organizing committee of Team Yukon for the Canada Senior Games would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Air North staff in Whitehorse and Vancouver for assisting our seniors during their recent trip to the Canada Senior Games in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

The staff went the “extra mile” in helping seniors put special ribbons on their luggage so it would be easily identified.

The flight crew was friendly and helpful.

By the time they got to the luggage carousel in Vancouver, their luggage was beginning to arrive so they could make a quick transfer to their West Jet connection.

Air North made their trip more enjoyable because they didn’t have to worry about late luggage or missing their connection.

Thank you for the great service Air North!

Bobbi Morgan, Team Yukon organizing committee