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Government fudge What we really object to in a territorial election, is when the hazy sword of misinformation is held high and a great proclamation…

Government fudge

What we really object to in a territorial election, is when the hazy sword of misinformation is held high and a great proclamation is made.

We recently read an election brochure from our MLA that proclaimed the Yukon government has a huge $458 million accumulated surplus.

This implies, of course, that the current government has been truly wonderful and frugal managers of public tax dollars.

How did this miraculous and incredible event happen?

First, the truth is that government changed the accounting system and, in fact, still hasn’t finished changing the system.

Government now consolidates (or factors in) all kinds of things into the “books,” such as the value of schools, hospitals, all kinds of capital works and equipment, along with cash in the bank.

What does consolidation actually mean?

Well, its’ kind of like us saying that the funds associated with building our septic system, have the same value or meaning as the dollars in our savings account at the bank.

Now we know for a fact, when our tax bill comes around that YTG will not accept a payment from our septic system in lieu of real money. We really wish they did, but no such luck.

Second, it most certainly does help that Ottawa has further increased funding to us few thousand brave Yukon souls.

In terms of total population we are about equal to Penticton, BC, or less than half the population of Nanaimo BC, or one-half the population of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

How much does YTG get on a yearly basis from Canada?

In this fiscal year, the YTG main estimates show that the Yukon government will be getting about $558,000,000 in direct revenues and about $57,000,000 in recoveries (operations and maintenance and capital) from Canada.

This is approximately 78 per cent of the entire Yukon budget!

No matter how you cut the pie, the Yukon gets a whole whack of pie from the taxpayers of Canada.

The vast majority of the pie goes to Whitehorse rather than to the rest of the communities.

Just ask folks in Haines Junction or Ross River about how much they are enjoying the economic boom.

The prosperity in Whitehorse is largely a direct result of spending by various levels of government and government employees (YTG, federal, municipal and First Nations).

Lets face it, folks, we have a massive amount of government for a population of 34,000 and we get a massive chunk of cash from the federal government every year.

So please stop with the bogus rhetoric that occurs at every election, about how careful or frugal the government has been, and give the credit to the large transfer payments from the government of Canada!

The real issues in this election should be whether the good folks we elect will: tell us the truth and make the truth available; make sound decisions; not try to manipulate us through spin doctors and misinformation, and, at all times, hold themselves fully accountable to the electorate.

Andrea and Florian Lemphers

Lake Laberge

The kids are all right

Every once in a while, something unexpected happens, something makes you look at the world in a different way, re-confirm your beliefs, or just make you sit up and take notice.

The Vanier Grad Class of 2006 did that unexpected thing. After a year of fundraising for their grad, they had some money left over.

Did they spend it to fly to Calgary for a new dress?

Did they hire limousines to take them to the dance or buy some extra decorations, or order a more extravagant dessert?


What they did was to select some local charities to donate their money to. One of these, Habitat for Humanity Yukon, received $1,700.

Thank you, Vanier Grad Class of 2006; your actions speak louder than words. Moms and dads, don’t worry about the future; you are leaving the world in good hands.

The kids are all right!

Michael Purves

Habitat for Humanity Yukon

Not so

We are writing in response to the implications made by the Yukon News in Monday’s issue.

None of the companies within the Hougen Group of Companies, including CKRW, have donated any ad space or made donations of any other kind to any political party.

Each party headquarters received the same rate sheet from CKRW and had the same opportunity to book ads.

One phone call to WHTV or CKRW would have cleared up this issue, but not allowed the reporter the liberty of innuendo. The inference that we gave free commercials to any political party is complete fabrication.

Jennifer Johnstone, CKRW, Whitehorse

Wendy Tayler, Hougen Group of Companies

News mean to Yukon Party

Reading the Yukon News on Friday, I realized there must be an election happening as editor Richard Mostyn has sent his reporters to Dawson, looking for anybody to slam the Yukon Party — and guess what they found?

Our mayor, John Steins, at one of our local pubs.

What bothers me is that our mayor has fallen or has chosen to lower himself to become a puppet for the Yukon News and become involved in election politics.

Our mayor has, several times, mentioned the agreement with YTG on the $1 million for capital infrastructure, but never given us the details.

One would think if you are going to discredit one of the hands that feed us, no matter the political colour it is, you would explain to the people of Dawson the details of the agreement.

To back up your fears that we would not get the infrastructure money, Steins, you also speak of the health-care centre and extended-care facility that didn’t arrive.

These statements make you look like a total hypocrite because with mayor and council removed, what right does YTG have to come to town and build this type of  infrastructure?

And you would have been the first to complain.

The bridge issue was also mentioned in The News — don’t you think that when you promise something, and it comes in at double what you budget, that the common sense approach would be to put the project on hold? I think this is an example of good government .

I am disappointed that the Yukon News came to town and didn’t even bother to do a profile on the four candidates running.

I guess in my mind you have to decide, are you going to be a puppet of the media or sing a song for the political party of your  choice, but maybe you could just be the mayor of Dawson and try to move us forward.

Rick Riemer

Dawson City


Thank you to Dr. Rao Tadepalli for giving me the right medication.

Olga Cunningham