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Yukon Party must set a better example Open letter to Premier Dennis Fentie and Elaine Taylor, minister responsible for the Women’s…

Yukon Party must

set a better example

Open letter to Premier Dennis Fentie and Elaine Taylor, minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate:

It is with great distress we write to you in regards to incidents reported to have taken place at the Yukon Party reception at the High Country Inn on election night.

According to one reporter covering the event, she had been yelled at, heckled, shoved and sprayed with spit as well as witnessing threats of violence against those who dared to express opposition to the Yukon Party.

These attacks came from MLAs, (some who were former cabinet ministers and may once again be considered for similar positions of influence and power), party supporters and campaign agents and former candidates.

While not everyone participated in this abhorrent behaviour, it was allowed to continue as acceptable.

In our ongoing campaign towards respectful workplaces, we are calling for priority and commitment from elected leaders as well as senior management to address this serious issue.

We would like to thank you for your response to a letter sent to all party leaders.

We applaud the positive efforts and resources towards training.

However, the type of unacceptable behaviour displayed by those in positions of power within this government only goes to highlight a lack of true understanding and sincere commitment to address this issue.

If this type of behavior is seen as acceptable and allowed to continue unchallenged, what message is this sending to the workplace, not to mention setting any kind of positive example or leadership for the general public?

We call on this government to issue an immediate apology stating that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and not to be tolerated.

We suggest a good start would be to ensure all MLAs and senior levels of government take the Respectful Workplace and Promoting Respectful Workplace training to ensure a clear understanding.

We call for a commitment, priority and necessary resources to address this serious issue — from the top down — from this government.

Further evaluation and accountability processes must be developed and implemented to ensure this issue is addressed.

We look forward to a response and request a meeting with Fentie and the minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate at your earliest convenience.

Contact Nancy at the PSAC office — 667-2331 to arrange a suitable time.

Sue Christianson

PSAC Whitehorse Regional Women’s Committee

Join the silent wave

As the season of remembrance approaches, it is a time of somber reflection, a time of honour and a time of humility.

We come together as a united community, embracing our families, as we remember the valiant sacrifices of past generations.

These sacrifices have allowed us, our children and our grandchildren to enjoy a life with abundant opportunity, freedom and prosperity.

The very few surviving veterans of the First World War, veterans of the Second World War and veterans of the Korean War, share a special comradeship at this time, as they remember their fallen comrades and the ravishes of military conflict.

Their memories have not faded with time.  Their unspoken thoughts are meant to protect our generations, as they do not wish us to experience what they endured, serving in the cause of peace and freedom.

This noble historic cause is once again threatened. Although Canada’s present day expansive, international humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, are respected throughout the world, the threats against mankind in the 21st century, have put our men and women in harm’s way.

Fallen comrades have been sacrificed; Canadians mourn and veterans open their arms to the new sorrow of the young.

For all that our Canadian veterans have given, and for all that our current serving members are contributing, they only ask us, as a society, to remember on the most sacred of military days, November 11th.

At the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month, Canadians from coast to coast share in a sacred tradition of remembrance: the Two-Minute Wave of Silence.

We call upon civic leaders, corporate boards, commercial businesses and educators to honour this longstanding tradition.

We ask for your leadership in creating within your environment, an opportunity for all to participate in the Two Minute Wave of Silence.

We request your expertise in educating our young about the significance of remembrance.

We encourage your community spirit to become involved in planning for this universal act of remembrance.

In previous years in British Columbia, buses and sky trains halted at approximately 11 a.m. wherever they were stopped, for two minutes.

CPR stopped all trains, wherever they may have been, for two minutes. BC Ferries personnel paused in their work. Radio and TV stations observed two minutes of silence or broadcast special Remembrance Day material, with some TV stations showing only the brilliant red Wave of Silence logo.

In many businesses and stores, employees stopped work and observed two minutes of silence. Cars pulled to the side of the road.

You can find more information on the  Two-minute Wave of Silence and related materials on the legion’s national website: www.legion.ca/wos-vds.

The PSA’s on the national website take about five to eight minutes to download. Radio and TV stations across Canada will be receiving public service announcements which we hope will be broadcast between October 29 and November 11.

Legion branches will receive a CD that will allow them to disseminate information and materials in their respective communities. Please also visit our BC/Yukon Command website: www.pacificlegion.org.

In the days following Remembrance Day, we would love to hear from you as to what steps you, your community or organization took to promote awareness and participation in the Two Minute Wave of Silence, Veterans Week and Remembrance Day.

If you have an e-mail address please share it with us. We’d like to have the opportunity to thank you for helping us remember.

Please contact your local legion branch to get some poppies.

For further information, please contact:

Linda Sawyer, executive director

BC/Yukon command

The Royal Canadian Legion

Vancouver, BC, V6J 4P7