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Good editors don’t dare oppose Yukon Party You’ve been awfully quiet lately, Richard. Cat got your tongue/pen? Or was it the…

Good editors don’t

dare oppose Yukon Party

You’ve been awfully quiet lately, Richard. Cat got your tongue/pen? Or was it the electorate?

I have to admit that you did your best to try and unseat this government and, to your credit, I am sure that you were able to sway some voters.

But not enough to get your way.

Methinks you went a little too far this time with your personal agenda.

You, like your predecessor before you, (who put his name forward this election), got smacked. But, at least he got into the fray.

You, on the other hand, don’t seem to have the courage to do so.

It must be nice to have your own personal newsletter that we, the advertisers, to all our chagrin, have to pay for.

It’s with a shaky hand, that we write our cheques to your publication when we want to get our message out.

Believe me, if there was some other way to reach all the communities, you’d be out of a job.

Thankfully, Yukoners have more sense than you give them credit for.

Now, to your chagrin, you have to put up with us for five more years.

I get some satisfaction in that.

Try following the example of other editors; remain objective and put the concerns of Yukoners in a more balanced perspective.

Just a word of advice from someone who has been around a little more than you.

I am looking forward to the next election, primarily, to see if you put your name where your pen has been.

Oh yeah … I wouldn’t put too much credence in the perceived threat issue — no one really wants you dead, we conservatives would lose our personal pincushion/voodoo doll.

P.S. You deserved this.

Loren Maluorno, president, Kluane riding, Yukon Party, Destruction Bay

Actually, Dale, once you get to know us we’re all pretty nice

Twenty-eight votes!

I was promised another 150 but for whatever reasons, that did not happen.

That is 28 more votes than were received by Stephen Robertson, Richard Mostyn or Graeme McElheran (although I finally got to meet Graeme and he is nice in person).

I was hoping for a minority government. The Yukon Party will run itself out of office next election. It took Brian Mulroney two terms. He went from a majority to two seats, but he did a lot of damage meanwhile.

I haven’t seen Cynthia Kearns so feisty since I told her the Yukon should separate and join Alaska.

I agreed with some of what you wrote (“Imagine tomorrow and sweat,” The News, October 6), but it backfired on you. You made them go out and campaign harder. Now we are stuck with them for five more years.

Will I run again? God willing, I will.

Dale Worsfold

Watson Lake

Stop animal abuse!

Our winters are so very cold. We can hardly stand to be outside for even a half an hour on a cold winter’s day.

Can we empathize with the agonies of dogs chained outside all year around — intense sufferings of being unable to run, unable to generate heat, often having to walk in their own excrement, tormented, a short chain attached to a cold dog house, the chain often tangled?

 For pets and guard dogs the suffering continues night after night, month after month.

Many city and town councils have, in the past few years, been sent “proposed by-law concerning companion animals kept outside” (based on a noble Richmond bylaw), but most callously ignore it.

They cannot be bothered with moral issues.

They do not care.

Many animal abusers do so out of meanness, others out of ignorance. As governments and religious institutions shirk responsibility, it is vital that the media show the terrible sufferings and what can be done.

Please obtain a copy of the bylaw from Animal Defence League of Canada, PO Box 3880, Stn. C, Ottawa, K1Y 4M5

Robert Eugene Gregory

Vegreville, Alberta