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A good mood spoiled I love living in this beautiful city of Whitehorse and I feel we all have a lot to be thankful for: friendly, genuine people, a…

A good mood spoiled

I love living in this beautiful city of Whitehorse and I feel we all have a lot to be thankful for: friendly, genuine people, a variety of amenities and the best of Mother Nature in our backyard.

Each morning when I wake up and gaze at the mountains and breathe in that cool fresh air, there is a sense of realization that we live in a special place, an accomplishment whereby our souls have finally found contentment, a fulfillment whereby our hearts seldom yearn to be elsewhere (unless you are a Newfoundlander of course).

We all complain about things from time to time.

One’s job may be deficient for one’s skills and one wishes it to be in a more challenging position, or the opposite; or someone complains that another person was rude towards them.

But really all in all, it’s still small stuff in comparison to waking up in Baghdad and trying to find how you are going to feed your five kids without you or your family members being injured or killed in the crossfire of a gun battle.

So my little complaint goes like this. I have a Yukon-style log gate, with antlers and flags to boot.

It’s a signature of many gates at the beginning of driveways leading to country residential properties in the Yukon.

Two nights ago, while I was sleeping, someone took my ladder in front of my driveway, climbed up on my gate, cut down all my ropes and stole my Canadian, Yukon, and Newfoundland flags.

I mentioned this incident to a friend and he said what he said when his property was stolen: “Well, you know, they probably needed the flags more than you did.”

I’m not that forgiving when it comes to my property being stolen or vandalized.

There are three types of people I have little pity for and they are thieves, murderers and rapists.

So it was probably better if I didn’t catch the thieves in the act, but really it’s a shame that the thieves among us put us in such a vigilante mood, which momentarily lowers our positive perception and attitude towards this wonderful place we call home.

I wonder if they would be smart (or stupid) enough to steal my flags twice. I hope not!

Todd Pilgrim

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Healthy food, healthy planet

Open Letter to Dennis Fentie and all Yukoners:

We are investing in a healthy Yukon!

Sustainable farming, which ensures the continuing health of the land through careful management practices, is becoming increasingly important to concerned citizens.

Yukoners with the knowledge and talent to make it happen are willing, able, and are champing at the bit.

We have already formed a co-operative to begin purchasing agricultural land in the territory.

We plan to support existing organic farmers and provide land to others who wish to grow or process food for the Yukon.

In Canada, the demand for organic products is growing at a rate of 20 per cent per year.

In the Yukon, that translates to a considerable amount of produce.

Even though there are about 180 farms in the Yukon, much less than one per cent of our food is grown locally; consequently we are almost totally dependent on imported food.

At the present time there is just one farm that can supply organic meat and vegetables year round.

As this is nowhere near meeting the demand, we have developed a plan to increase our local organic food supply.

In addition to producing organic food which does not have to be transported from the south, local sustainable farms will capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The current projections for the Great Green Growers Co-operative suggest that we can absorb 2,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year on the Tagish farm.

It would require just 15 farms of this size to offset a 10th of the emissions produced in the territory.

This would be a significant contribution to climate change initiatives in the Yukon.

Thus the value of locally grown organic food is considerable, both in supplying healthy food and in reducing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

We have taken the first step … we now own part of an organic farm as we believe that this is an important part of our collective future.

Will you join us?

We invite the Yukon government, as well as interested individuals, to carefully consider this venture.

A copy of the business plan and related literature is available on request.

Let’s seize the day! Invest it in this grassroots collective. It’s here.

It’s real. The opportunity is now. For more information check the website:

www.greatgreengrowers.com. (The deadline to invest is March 31).

Barbara Frain Gower


Watchdog abuse

A special message to the coward who tore down the sled-dog advocacy posters in downtown Whitehorse recently?

Next time be a bit neater. You left a big mess of tape and paper on the poles.

We do not go around tearing down those unsightly Yukon Quest or Canada Games dog-mushing propaganda banners that have been flying all over town for most of the winter (like we are living under a dictatorship run by some weird dog mushing cult).

Get educated about animal abuse, don’t defend it!

Terry Cumming, Sled Dog Watchdog Coalition,