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Careless dog owners cause casualties Re Tiny dog fatally mauled (The News, Sept. 1): My heart goes out to Christine Kallikragas and her little…

Careless dog owners

cause casualties

Re Tiny dog fatally mauled (The News, Sept. 1):

My heart goes out to Christine Kallikragas and her little Pomeranian who were out for a walk on the trails behind Logan last week.

It is a shame that she lost her “family pet” as a result of someone else’s so-called “family pets” and then having to go through what she did in trying to find emergency veterinary care.

Quite often I walk my dogs on the Millennium Trail and run into people also walking their dogs.

The show of responsibility ranges from control, to responsibility, to out-of-control, to complete abandon.

I do appreciate it when I see dogs being walked on a leash; in fact, that courtesy is noted!

I have a three-month-old golden retriever and a three-year-old Shih-Tzu poodle. At all times, both dogs are on a leash — regardless of size, age, breed, etc.

This is for their safety and as a courtesy to others who pass on the same trail.

I have passed people who have their dog(s) on a leash, but the dog is stronger than they are or lacks obedience so the owner has absolutely no control of  his/her own dog even when it is on a leash.

My three-month-old golden is in puppy training classes and wears an anti-pull harness so she will not pull away from me even when leashed.

This harness is not painful; it is, in fact, far more comfortable for her than using her collar to tether the leash to.

I, too, have heard the now completely useless words of, “Oh, it’s friendly” being hollered at me by others walking with an unleashed dog.

I could not hear two fellows yelling their “it’s friendly” because their large black lab was jumping up on me, scratching clawing and pawing at me to try to get to my (leashed) Shih Tzu, which I had scooped up in my arms when I saw the black lab charging up over a hill from the river straight towards me.

Friendly? Define “friendly.”

I passed two people walking their dogs this past weekend. As soon as they spotted us, the dog was immediately clipped onto its leash.

I would prefer that dogs are leashed at all times, but at least some responsible dog ownership was displayed.

That same walk, a distance down the trail, I spotted a man on a bike with his Doberman running (loose) alongside him.

As soon as he saw me with my two (leashed) dogs, he turned around and headed in the other direction.

I appreciated that courtesy being shown. However, what would have happened if there were people with a dog, a family  or children right behind him as he turned around?

I believe dogs deserve unleashed freedom to run and play — but there are more appropriate places.

If I want my dogs to run loose — I either let them run or play in my fenced yard or I take them to a place where then can do so without being a nuisance to anyone else.

I will drive a distance in order to do so.

I think that this incident is that wakeup call to dog owners, to Whitehorse bylaw, to any of us who may enjoy a nice walk on a trail, with or without dogs.

We shouldn’t have to worry about the stress of having our “family pet” seriously hurt, or worse, by someone who has no regard for courtesy when walking their “family pets.”

What a shame.

Before you leave the house, think leash and responsibility, please.


Liane Fedoriak



Nightmare loss

My heart goes out to Christine Kallikragas. How long until a child is mauled on the trails or in the greenbelts of Copper Ridge/Logan?

My home backs on to a very popular (and poopy!) dog-walking trail where owners rarely keep their dogs leashed.

My two young children have been approached by excited, large dogs on several occasions without my consent to the owner.

I shout to my kids, “Don’t run, stand there!” and pray the dogs don’t bite or knock my child down as I walk as briskly as I dare to them.

I implore Whitehorse dog owners to be “responsible” dog owners and expect the unexpected from their precious pooches.

Kyle Fowler


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