Letter to the Editor

Grateful to caregivers Just recently I lost my mother to lung cancer. She was a wonderfully brave little woman whom I brought to Whitehorse for…

Grateful to caregivers

Just recently I lost my mother to lung cancer.

She was a wonderfully brave little woman whom I brought to Whitehorse for end-of-life care.

Without knowing if I could have any help in Whitehorse, other than my wonderful doctor, I was determined to care for her with my family in our home.

The doctors in Ottawa gave us a small window of opportunity to fly her here and little did we know how small that opportunity really was.

I contacted Home Care as soon as we arrived back in the territory to see if I could qualify for their services.

They were more than happy to help me out with my mom. I was ecstatic!

They immediately set up a schedule for us. Only in Whitehorse could this happen!

I was so happy to have the help, as I didn’t know quite what I was up against.

My mom’s illness progressed so rapidly.

The staff at Home Care were so patient, compassionate and caring — it was the greatest gift they have given her and to my family and me.

They were amazing!

With the added assistance from Hospice Yukon, I was provided with guidance and healing to cope with end-of-life care.

We thought we had at least three months together, but the cancer spread so fast that she was only here for a very short time.

The Home Care staff and Hospice Yukon helped me through it all.

It would have been so much more difficult without them. With the excellent care, assistance and reassurance given to me I was able to give my mom a quality of life she would not have received in a hospital bed alone, in Ottawa.

I am so very grateful I could be with her and comfort her as she crossed over from life to death.

Mom died by my side as I caressed her, in a big comfy bed just after midnight.

I miss her deeply.

Thanks again to the wonderful staff at Home Care and Hospice Yukon — we are blessed to have these people here in the Yukon!

Julie Bishop


Air North is the best!

How many Yukoners really appreciate the excellent and caring service our northern airline provides to us on a daily basis?

The other day I sat beside a senior who had undergone knee surgery; the stewardess, with a big smile, was right there providing her with extra cushions, Tylenol, etc.

In February, I was forced to change the dates on our return flight because of medical reasons.

Without a doctor’s note, Air North very generously waived cancellation fees for us (thanks, Catherine). On my last trip home, I forgot several bottles of expensive sauces in my carry-on baggage.

I returned with them to the check-in counter and the agent kindly provided me with a small box and checked it through as a third piece of luggage with no extra charge.

Last, let’s not take for granted the yummy snacks and beverages (especially the cheesecake!) that Air North provides free.

I am a very satisfied customer.

Jeanette Bringsli


Clouds in the Skky

My name is Frank Calandra and I am the sole director of the corporation that owns and operates the Skky Hotel and represent the majority shareholders.

In a recent article in the Yukon News, Mr. Tom Wegrzyn, who was employed as the designer for the new Skky Hotel was interviewed and expressed his personal views with respect to the current standard of accommodation in Whitehorse.

On behalf of the Skky Hotel, its management and majority ownership, I wish to make it clear that the views expressed were those of Wegrzyn in his personal capacity, which he is well entitled to express, but do not reflect the views of the management or majority shareholders of the Skky Hotel.

Thank you.

Frank Calandra


Spend it, they will come

It is interesting you begrudgingly admit the Robert Campbell Highway needs an upgrade.

When I drove the highway 17 years ago, it needed a facelift.

The Nisutlin Bay Bridge needs work too, but we need an alternative route should anything happen to that or any of the other bridges on the Alaska Highway.

Mines put a lot of people to work. The mining companies pay taxes as do their employees. Currently the only mine in operation in our area is in the Northwest Territories.

Of course, the reactionaries who would have us living on pogey and welfare think zero mines are too many.

Had the Robert Campbell Highway been maintained over the years, we wouldn’t be saddled with a bill for $31 million now.

Maybe there is a reason only 17 cars per day travel the Robert Campbell Highway — like twisted frames and wrecked suspensions.

Daycare and youth funding can and should still take place, as there is enough to support both projects.

By the way, if there weren’t the possibility of opening mines, I’m betting you would all be for the road improvement.

Quel hypocrisé?

Dale Worsfold

Watson Lake