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McRobb’s cheap shot Open letter to Liberal MLA Gary McRobb: After being made aware of, and then reading the comments in Hansard that you made…

McRobb’s cheap shot

Open letter to Liberal MLA Gary McRobb:

After being made aware of, and then reading the comments in Hansard that you made in the Legislature on November 28 concerning myself and my businesses, I felt it was necessary to respond.

Your insinuation that Adult Warehouse is a government employment office is, of course, wrong.

But you knew this.

You have said yourself that you checked and, sure enough, I had a job posting at Employment Central, which was listed under Rupert’s Catering (1983).

Even knowing then that I was a contractor looking for a cook for Blanchard maintenance camp you decided to take a cheap shot at my businesses.

Yes, applicants were asked to drop off resumes at Adult Warehouse, but you could have told your neighbour who felt she would lose her dignity and good reputation by entering my store that there was a fax and phone number and also an address listed to communicate with me.

I’m sure this lady is a good cook and living so close to the camp she would have been considered for the job shop.

We do not sell sex. It is an adult store selling adult products.

Continuing, you compare my reputable business with Hell’s Angels, crack houses, grow ops, and dealers of crystal meth and ecstasy.

In conclusion I find your demeaning comments very slanderous to me, my businesses and my staff.

Richard Rupert


Too much ado

We thought he was an idiot; then he opened his mouth and proved it.

Friday’s performance by Liberal MLA Gary McRobb was stellar.

Sex shop owner Rick Rupert obviously cannot make a living there and because of this has taken on some catering contracts to round out his income.

Due to the labour shortage in the Yukon he has had to advertise for additional help in his moonlight business.

McRobb somehow tied Rupert’s sideline contract to his regular employment: an easy mistake to make — XXX video / flipping hamburgers. Go figure.

McRobb has demonstrated why he has only filled backbench or opposition roles in the legislature.

For someone who seems to want to dictate party policy to Arthur Mitchell, he had to wait until the boss was out of town to raise his voice.

In doing this he has demonstrated why Todd Hardy turfed him for insubordination.

And why Piers McDonald would not give him a cabinet posting.

Good judgment is still part of an MLA’s job description — not sensationalism.

For someone who still has Liberal training wheels on his tenure, he seems to be pushing the patience of his party leadership.

I wonder which party will accept him next.

Neil Johnson


Cats, the sequel

Re: Abandoned cats stalk Beaver Creek, (The News Nov. 29)

Shame on reckless sensationalist journalism that has hurt a long-standing, contributing Beaver Creek resident on a personal and professional level.

You have provided a forum for a few opinionated rednecks to take a closeup shot.

Their outrage has more to do with land values, land claims, greed and envy than it does with animal rights.

Graeme McElheran, while perusing the dark heart of our community, did you think to contact “cat woman” for her perspective on events?

Isn’t that fair and responsible journalism?

As for our “friends” in the community who were so helpful to a single mother in time of need and who are now so informative and ready to cast blame — no further thanks will be necessary for having helped raise your cats/kids.

Name withheld by request