Letter to the Editor

Help save a lake There are only a few days left to collect signatures for the McLean Lake Park petition for referendum.

Help save a lake

There are only a few days left to collect signatures for the McLean Lake Park petition for referendum.

The deadline for signing the petition is the evening of June 10.

The petitions will be submitted to Whitehorse the following day.

Under the Municipal Act, Whitehorse is required to hold a referendum on the question if 2000 eligible voters sign the petition.

The results of the referendum will be binding on council.

McLean Lake Park would preserve the lake and surrounding area, within a boundary of 500 metres from the high water mark, for the recreational use and enjoyment of all Yukoners.

Volunteers have gone door to door in downtown Whitehorse, Hillcrest, Valleyview, Takhini, Granger, Arkell, Logan, Riverdale, Northland Trailer Court, Takhini Trailer Court, and Crestview.

In the last week, we will be going through Porter Creek, Copper Ridge, Lobird, and McIntyre, and may turn up in other places as well.

But we may not be able to get to Hidden Valley, MacPherson, Wolf Creek, Mary Lake and Spruce Hill, or the developments on the east side of Range Road.

Many apartment buildings and some condo units have not been visited either.

People can find the petition at the Alpine Bakery, the Chocolate Claim, Real Food Market and Deli in Porter Creek and the Yukon Conservation Society.

There is more information about McLean Lake at http://www.mcleanlake.org

Thank you, residents of Whitehorse. Whether they wanted to sign the petition or not, we have been welcomed very graciously at their doorsteps, and it is much appreciated.

Marianne Darragh


Newsroom of vipers

Were I to walk into the Yukon News building and start swearing the way people in your columns do, you would call the police and have me arrested.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds — you are a generation of vipers.

I realize you have an agenda — to make profanity acceptable in print.

Trouble is, it isn’t.

Were your publication a porno magazine catering to “adult” clientele, that would be one thing, but your newspaper is available to children.

If you are going to push, you can expect people to push back — hard.

Dale Worsfold

Watson Lake

Theatre critic panned

Re Whimsical Seussical rattles the senses (the News, June 2):

We are a class of 12-year-olds at Takhini Elementary School.

We went to Seussical on Monday. We do not agree with many points of your article.

We did not find Seussical chaotic, too colourful or loud. The characters did not run around frantically. Their movements were all choreographed to fit the story.

All Dr. Seuss books are colourful and bizarre, so the musical correctly reflects the author’s intent and inclinations.

Have you read the books or seen the movies?

We do agree that Horton is the calming factor in the show. Calvin did an awesome job of portraying the character.

However, we feel that Graham Rudge as the Cat was fantastic! His movements were not spastic, which implies sudden, jerky movements. His movements were cat-like.

We did not find him effeminate or Goth-like. We thought that he was like a young Jim Carrey and that he definitely has a future in theatre.

He was in every scene and he definitely was able to tie the story lines together.

You’ve got to give him credit for juggling, riding a unicycle, being on stilts … he is multi-talented.

We agree that Kyle Curtis did a great job as well.

Maybe you have forgotten that these are high school students putting on an amateur production.

They did a fabulous job — almost a professional job. The singing was great for an amateur performance.

We thought this was a tremendous, very entertaining show and everyone in Whitehorse should be encouraged to see it.

Mary Sloan and Jeff Nordlund deserve kudos for their dedication and for inspiring kids to perform.

Judy Ratcliffe, Kelly Bullied, Halley Wilson, Sheldon Jim, Barb Williams, Chris Greek, Terrence O’Brien