Letter to the Editor

Hello, it’s me again. I wasn’t going to write any more letters, but this town is going so backwards I was spurred to write another.

Hello, it’s me again.

I wasn’t going to write any more letters, but this town is going so backwards I was spurred to write another.

Where shall I start?

Oh, let’s talk about me getting a warning last week from bylaw.

Someone decided I was parking too far away from the curb, and phoned a complaint in to bylaw.

Honestly, I just shook my head.

Then I e-mailed bylaw manager John Taylor.

My concern was how childish this complaint was, and asked for his view on the situation.

Well, that was more than two weeks ago.

No reply given.  I’m sorry; I guess you have been very busy; maybe by the end of the month I might get an answer.

The reason I’m writing about this insignificant event is because my last letter talked about the lack of snow removal from busy streets as well as residential streets.

Or lack of, in my opinion.

Please answer me, Taylor, how do you justify enacting a complaint when 100 per cent of the cause is the lack of snow removal?

This is ridiculous and immature.

I’m so glad I don’t pay city taxes, because this town has zero solutions to anything besides more money grabs.

Sorry, come and write more tickets/warnings … whatever. I’ll just throw them in the garbage.

But I’ll recycle the paper because I don’t want to pollute.

Next, Todd Hardy obviously never read my article on the smoking ban in vehicles.

Who cares what the people think, we just do what we want. Hardy, I live in a democracy where the people have a voice.

I’m sick and tired of you jackals going around and enacting legislation where you see fit based on lobbying groups or simply your opinion.

Where’s the public input?

Oh right, you know people will reject the idea, so you bypass them all together. 

Do you want a lesson in government?

You work for us… end of story.

No mention of the serious nature of such a dangerous piece of legislation.

It’s all about protecting the kids, and that’s that.

I know for a fact when I have kids, I will raise them by myself — government has no use in the raising of my children.

You have no jurisdiction of my car, but you are trying to say you do.

Please tell me, whom do you work for? Because it isn’t Yukoners.

As I said before, first the car, then our homes — very scary indeed.

The most funny part is where you said of the possibility of the RCMP enforcing this unbelievable.

How about you pass legislative that protects the Yukon from useless mines who have such a great track record of turning it into a toxic dump?

Nope, because no one cares about tomorrow, only now. And how much money they can spend.

It’s very sad to see the direction the Yukon is going.

I’ve lived here more than 20 years and Whitehorse isn’t Whitehorse anymore.

Neither is the Yukon.

If you want to call that growth, well, you can have it because I miss the old Yukon.

Where people were concerned about the environment, and you recognized almost everyone you saw.

Today I hardly recognize anyone up here, and that sure coincides with how this whole territory has changed.

Someday, I would like to take my kids into the vast beauty we call the Yukon wilderness. But something tells me I won’t be able to.

As an example, anyone remember the Nansen mine?

The Yukon government does, that’s for sure.

It baffles me to this day that the people in charge of approving mines would allow a company to open another mine after it refused to clean up its first mess.

Wake up Yukon.

Give me untouched beauty any day.

Lookout, here comes China, with a reputation for environmental destruction, but hey, it’s all about the money, eh Mines Minister Archie Lang?

How do you sleep at night?

And now today in the Whitehorse Star, councillor Jan Stick wants plastic bags banned.

It just never seems to stop with the frivolous issues.

Matters that have no real impact on our day-to-day life seem to be a top priority for this council.

Water meters, smoking bans, more taxes — it just never ends.

Get your priorities straight or please retire, all of you.

You guys can’t even have the roads cleared, how many times do I need to say this?

You have already proved to me, and a lot of people in this town, that you guys can’t run anything. Just more useless ideas and tax grabs.

But I’m glad to see, Stick, that according to the paper, you are making money off your little vinyl bags.

Wow, seems even at your work and workplace, money is tops in your world.

What is banning of plastic bags going to solve? Absolutely nothing.

While you’re at it, I want to see you lobbying every manufacturer in Canada that uses plastics in its packaging or in its products and call for a ban.

I’m simply amazed at the useless priorities this council seems to keep coming up with.

Last time I checked, 95 per cent of all the goods we buy is made or is composed of plastic.

So if you think my challenge is rhetoric to you, well, you’re a hypocrite.

And to quote the Whitehorse Star, they said bags at Superstore are free.


Just this weekend, I was charged 12 cents for three bags.

So I guess in this perfect world it’s bad to pollute if it’s free, but if we pay money, then the pollution doesn’t occur.

Sounds crazy?

Not really, when you look into carbon taxes, but we won’t get into that right now. 

Have a great day.

Wes Larson