Letter to the Editor

Pitching a flea market Yukon has always had a bustling underground market trading in secondhand goods.

Pitching a flea market

Yukon has always had a bustling underground market trading in secondhand goods.

The classifieds in the two main newspapers the Whitehorse Star and Yukon News and Trader Time on the radio have been the main facilities that have made this market visible.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the mainstay of promoting underground trade.

A large indoor flea market in the old Canadian Tire store would bring visibility in a greatly enhanced way so much that that market would increase manyfold.

This would make for a great surge in grassroots market hustling and bustling.

This would create new opportunities for friendship while obtaining great products at best prices and significant profits that would stay in the territory.

Dean Metcalfe


I believe in the Yukon

I would like to acknowledge and thank you for your dedicated contributions to the United Way Yukon and to your community over these past many years.

I feel fortunate to know you and to know many more, like you, who work hard to strengthen the social fabric of the Yukon.

You are all champions of community.

In recognition of your generosity and charity, this year I pledge $1,000 to the United Way of Yukon, to add what I can to support others in need.

And I sympathetically challenge my friends and acquaintances to share with me in the gift of charity, as they are able.

To be considerate of others; to share what you have; to give of your time, your kindness, your earnings, your strengths.

Together, we do make a difference.

Furthermore, in as much as I can support a flourishing community, I also appreciate and want to give back to the land that keeps us.

Therefore, I equally commit $1,000 of my earnings this year to support the environmental and conservation efforts of YCS, recognizing it as a people’s charity for this land, the animals, water and the air on which we all thrive and depend.

And, I invite others to join me in this commitment also.

In the Yukon, it is obvious we are a community blessed with the spirit of giving.

I am thankful to know you and to be among you.

Georgia Greetham