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Another angle  on health care In your May 26th editorial your attempt to provide some insightful comments on healthcare demonstrates some…

Another angle

 on health care

In your May 26th editorial your attempt to provide some insightful comments on healthcare demonstrates some inaccuracies.

You are correct in stating that credit card companies can track where a purchase was made and so on.

However, to suggest that the same approach could simply overlay the health care system is without merit.

As you may or may not know, the prima facie areas of interest in health care are health, human resources and electronic health/medical records.

Until such time that the federal government establishes a national education strategy, health-care will continue to struggle with the recruitment and retention of qualified professionals.

In the case of electronic health records, much advancement has taken place across Canada including the Yukon.

However, given the complexity (and the relative uniqueness of a myriad of geographical regions and health-care operations) it will come as no surprise that such an integrative process will take time to implement.

To suggest that something needs to be done is incorrect. Something is being done!

In terms of Craig Tuton’s comments about how hard it is for a hospital to draft a budget, I find such a statement somewhat amusing. 

Putting together a hospital budget is a relatively straightforward process and probably not much more complicated than what a small private company would encounter.

One simply looks at expenses, compares this to previous activity and then makes a determination as to the actual budgeted amount.

Activity is tracked and resultant variances are monitored with corrective action taking place.

Finally, in terms of your comments about lack of hospital data for budgeting purposes, I would again counter that this is not the case.

Each and every patient that is admitted to hospital is categorized accordingly with such information readily available.

Utilization data, patient acuity, financial trend analysis, population demographic projections and a multitude of other data sources should be more than sufficient to assist with the budgeting process.

You may find the following link of interest: (http://www.cihi.ca).

Michael Aeberhardt

Via e-mail

Loss of a Yukoner

I was so saddened to hear that JP Ross passed way.

I met JP while working at the Yukon Chamber of Mines.

JP’s Yukoner status was well-earned. Everyone in the mining industry found it a pleasure to meet him.

It was a great pleasure to know him, and my deepest condolences to his family for their loss and please know that he will always be remembered with great respect, a loss and a friend to the Yukon mining community.

I always enjoyed and respected his wisdom and advice.

As a well-known prospector, he had so much wisdom in regards to respect to aboriginals, as he showed me.

I will always remember you, JP. My total and respectful regards.

Kenn Roberts

Via e-mail