Letter to the Editor

Vicious scum vs. mother bears So, the great northern hunter strikes again and we have yet another wildlife tragedy.

Vicious scum vs.

mother bears

So, the great northern hunter strikes again and we have yet another wildlife tragedy.

Just as planeloads of foreign head hunters are landing daily we hear the disgusting and utterly disgraceful news of a mother bear being killed and left to rot leaving behind two orphaned cubs.

It’s almost beyond words.

Acts such as this are deplorable and no doubt led to the demise of most, if not all, of the animals in Europe and elsewhere.

Now the trophy collectors flock here like ants to destroy Yukon’s wildlife — hands held and pampered by those sell-outs known as outfitters.

Dennis Fentie, you are the Environment minister and the premier of this territory so when are going to do something coherent and logical about the killing of female bears?

Your office claims that it is illegal to kill a sow with cubs. What a crock! That claim is vague and weak and does nothing to protect them.

As a matter of fact, it actually provides a loophole big enough to fly a Concord jet through. Female bears should not be hunted and for reasons that ought to be more than obvious to the informed.

It is common knowledge to anyone with a pulse that female bears leave their cubs often and for long periods of time for a variety of reasons.

So maybe someone from your command centre can explain to the public just how anyone knows that any female does not have cubs?

On a happy note, I was glad to hear that the cubs were probably more than a year old and may be able to survive on their own, or no doubt they too would have been killed under the guise of “for their own good.”

I only hope their mom had enough time to teach them the necessary skills.

To the person — and I use that term loosely — who committed this heinous act I will say this:

You and people like you are the lowest of the low, the bottom of the food chain and I don’t care where you are from, what language you speak, if any, or what colour you are.

One can only hope that karma at some point in time evens the score with this Neanderthal. Perhaps one day you will be blindsided by a female bear or maybe even one of the cubs whose mother you killed and left to compost — somewhere deep in the woods and never found.

Normally I would never wish this kind of fate on anyone but in your case I’ll make an exception.

Kevin Sinclair


Energy fiasco

Open letter to Jim Kenyon, minister responsible for Yukon Energy Corporation:

Your government is currently consulting on an energy framework for the Yukon’s future.

In the draft paper sent out by your bureaucrats for comments, rate equalization of electrical rates are conspicuously absent.

For the last couple of years your government has been on a campaign to get rid of the Rate Stabilization Fund provided to Yukon ratepayers on our electrical bills.

You conservatives like to call this program a subsidy to Yukoners. This, you contend, sends the wrong message to electrical consumers on the true costs of providing this energy, therefore causing these same customers not to attempt to conserve usage to cut down their bills.

So, according to your philosophy, it is not justifiable to provide Yukoners with stable electrical rates because the corporation, which we own, has to provide this money (subsidize is the term you use) from their income.

But, it is kosher for us ratepayers on the hydroelectric grids to subsidize those ratepayers not on the grid who use diesel generation to power their electricity needs.

My questions to you is: Why is it OK for ratepayers to cross-subsidize rates but it is not OK for our publicly owned corporation to subsidize?

Why does one subsidy not align with true costs and conservation but yet the other does not seem to matter to your government?

Perhaps I can recommend a solution to this discrepancy. You simply take this ratepayer cross-subsidy away from diesel communities and thus charge us grid customers the lowered true-cost rates.

Then your government can subsidize these diesel-community users for the high costs of using diesel, if you so choose.

I am sure your leader would soon do something, as his community is a diesel zone.

Or, you can do like the state of Alaska, which has just accommodated their constituents — give all ratepayers an energy cost relief of $1,200.

As well, Alaskans currently have a program called Power Cost Equalization, which is a state-run utility assistance program offering those consumers paying more than a 12 cents per KWh. ceiling a subsidy of 95 per cent of this cost over this ceiling. This, by the way, is not a cross-ratepayer subsidy, but a government-run subsidy.

Please respond.

Roger Rondeau, president, Utilities Consumers’ Group, Whitehorse

Dictators target artists

We just returned from a trip to Ottawa where we were lucky enough to spend time in the National Gallery of Canada, a place that is likely verboten to Tory backbenchers, as is Darcy Magee’s, the former watering hole of federal politicians of all stripes.

I was struck by the irony of the arts cutbacks just as the brilliant show 1930 runs.

It is a juxtaposition of the ideological “New Man” propaganda art against the bad boy “degenerate art” of modern artists. Throughout history, tyrants of all brands have targeted artists, seeing them as a threat to control.  

It’s not surprising that these cutbacks are happening now. Harper indicated his displeasure with cultural organizations a while ago. No one believes that the snub of the Governor General’s Gala by Conservatives was a spontaneous coincidental act.

Josée Verner has all but disappeared in the last year, whether from shame or strategic plan; it is hard to say.  

But the assumption that people deemed “left-wing” are inappropriate recipients of government support is shocking.

Are we going to see the disbanding of the CBC if we are ever foolish enough to give this crowd a majority government?

Will there be committees struck to determine who has the correct politics in order to work as an artist in this country?

Look out! Someone is channeling US Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Linda Leon