Letter to the Editor

Territory loses talented friend On September 14, the Yukon lost a significant member of its prospecting and arts fraternities.

Territory loses

talented friend

On September 14, the Yukon lost a significant member of its prospecting and arts fraternities.

Bruce Patnode was only 60 when he passed away from a brain aneurysm in Comox, BC.

Bruce prospected as a young man with his father, Larry, another prominent Yukon prospector.

Upon his father’s death, Bruce inherited several Yukon mining properties and had significant amounts of exploration done on many of them.

Bruce played an important role in exploring the Wheaton River area for its geothermal potential.

As an artist, Bruce designed and had created the large bronze prospector statue in the courtyard of the Elijah Smith Building on Main Street.

He designed and created the wooden scroll with brass plaques holding the names of recipients of the Prospector of the Year awards and the Yukon Mining Honour Roll, which is housed in the main YTG administration building.

He designed the large mural on the exterior wall of the Transportation Museum.

Created with the assistance of many Yukon artists, the numerous panels have graced the museum wall for many years.

Further, he created backgrounds behind the animals presented in the Kluane Museum at Burwash Landing.

We extend our most heartfelt sympathy to Bruce’s mother, Alice; sister, Sharen; and his extended family.

Jim McFaull, president, Yukon Prospectors’ Association.

God and global warming

Nobody is going to argue there is global warming.

Instead, everyone is busy arguing about why, and what can be done about it.

Why is there global warming?

The answer that nobody wants to hear is that mankind is greedy and selfish. Just ask anyone to give up something and the answer is, “Who me? Why should I be the one to give things up?”

We seldom stop to think that the Bible has predicted the earth will be destroyed by fire. Global warming is one piece of evidence. Rampant forest fires are another.

We love our meat. Every acre used to raise feed is one less acre available to raise fruit and vegetables. It is a triple whammy. Raising feed uses land, raising animals uses land and animals produce pollution.

I like meat, but try to temper my appetite with vegetables and pasta. Wheat fields produce little pollution.

We like our vices. Tobacco raising uses available land and ruins it for any other crop. Cigarette smoke causes pollution. Taken a billion times over, cigarette smoke pollutes the atmosphere.

Barley fields that could feed underdeveloped nations are used to produce beer.

We are wasting resources. Like it or not, these are the facts.

We like our automobiles. Automobiles produce carbon monoxide. Taken a billion times over, automobiles are probably the biggest source of global warming. Producing petroleum also pollutes.

Make no mistake, things will get worse.

Until we, as individuals, choose to live more sensibly, things will continually deteriorate. In fact, things will get so bad, God will have no choice but to burn everything and then restore it. We have gone past the point of no return.

We are cutting down all our trees and then we wonder why there are floods and droughts. Those trees help preserve our wetlands. As long as people live in houses way bigger than they need, the earth will keep warming.

Is technology bad? Not in and of itself, but it can be abused.

Nobody wants to set an example though.

Large manufacturers want companies to make money as cheaply as possible. They don’t care about funding environmentally friendly ways to make things. The cycle continues.

God commanded us to let the land rest every seventh year. No planting. No harvesting. Farmers think they can’t afford to do this, when the truth is, they can’t afford not to.

But don’t feel badly.

The Children of Israel didn’t do it either.

The land became desolate for 70 years. This was to make up for them not allowing it to rest. It’s been how long since our land rested?

We, as a nation, and the US, Britain, Australia and all other countries need to make a pact to follow biblical truths. We won’t though.

We need to get down on our knees and ask forgiveness for our terrible stewardship.

We won’t though. God knew that all too well, so he predicted that earth would be destroyed by fire.

Daniel 12:4 predicted that in the time of the end many would wander to and fro and knowledge would increase. I would say the Bible was accurate — wouldn’t you agree?

Dale Worsfold

Watson Lake