Letter to the Editor

God made bunnies too I looked with astonishment at the cartoon concerning Billy in the Wednesday, March 19th Yukon News.

God made bunnies too

I looked with astonishment at the cartoon concerning Billy in the Wednesday, March 19th Yukon News.

My research has shown that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, did rise from the dead some 2,000 years ago. Scientific research.

Archeological evidence and documentation in various manuscripts not related to the Bible substantiate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I get the impression that it is easier for people to believe statements made by others, whether they are correct or not, than to do the research and find the truth.

I am still researching to find where the giant rabbit comes from that gives out candy to children.

Dan Steyn


Postal sorrows at the Junction

It’s a small town, and yes it’s growing with more and more unfamiliar faces, however the majority of Haines Junction is full of long-term residents that know each other’s name.

For some of us in the community, going to get our mail was something we looked forward to. However in the past month or so, I can honestly say that my daily trip is no longer one of my anticipated excursions.

I believe that I can safely say a healthy number of Junctionites are ‘going postal’ over the new regulations.

We are all required to show our ID when picking up a package from the local post office.

Now, perhaps this makes sense for the first time you go to pick up your parcels since the regulation has been passed.

However, if you’re in twice a week, or more, and you’re asked to show your ID every time, especially when you know the postal workers, well perhaps that can be filed under ‘redundant.’

Did common sense get mailed away on priority post?

Canada Post was more lenient after the 2001 anthrax attacks, than they are now with people who have lived in this community for over 30 years!

I know the girls behind the counter, and they know me and my children. And I’m still required to show my ID every time I go to receive my own mail?

Now someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t they simply post a sign on their counter stating: “WE ARE PERMITTED TO ASK FOR ID”?

Then, when an unfamiliar face comes in the door, they can ask for ID, and not be required to ask every local every time one walks in to pick up a parcel. Problem solved.

Now on the side of the employees, I understand they are just following the rules. If you like the abuse … keep it up, because we all know it’s not necessary. 

We won’t even start on the ‘return to sender’ issue facing our fine community… yet.

Name withheld by request

Haines Junction

Hunting for a relative

I am looking for an Edward Nelson born around the 1930s.

He was either born in New York, America or Yukon. I have been told he is now living in Yukon.

Edward’s father, Thomas Nelson, was born 1908 in Newburn, Northumberland, England.

Thomas’ parents were Edward Nelson and Dorothy Short both from Newburn.

Thomas had a brother, James Mitchell Nelson (born 1909 Newburn). There were just two siblings.

Thomas worked on ships and after many journeys settled in 1940.

A distant family member told me Thomas spent some time in America before settling in the Yukon. I was also told he married a lady called Jean (surname unknown).

They had a son Edward Nelson (a.k.a. Ned), the one I am looking for. I have been told Edward had two daughters (who could now be in their 40s).

This is the reason why I am looking for them:

James Mitchell Nelson married Elsie Hall in September 1933 in Newburn.

In December 1934 Elsie had a son, Leslie Nelson Hall. James isn’t named as the father on Leslie’s birth certificate. There is no father named.

In 1937, James and Elsie placed Leslie in an orphanage. They visited Leslie at the orphanage until 1942. Visits ceased after this year.

In 1947, James and Elsie boarded a ship from Liverpool to New York.

There were no children with them.

They spent a day in New York before travelling on to Welland, Ontario.

James and Elsie did not have any more children during their time in Welland.

I speculate that James wasn’t able to have children.

Elsie died in 1952 and James died in 1996.

Because they are both deceased and did not have any children, I am not able to trace or even contact any living relatives on this branch. So my best chance is to try and find Thomas’ line of this family,

And this is why I am writing this letter.

Thomas may have died, but there could be a chance Edward is still alive.

He might be able to provide some answers as to why Leslie was placed in an orphanage.

Indeed he may not know of Leslie’s existence.

I am aware that Yukon territory is a vast place compared to my small country. I have struggled to access records to help me find this family, but obviously failed because the information I need remains confidential.

Therefore you are my only hope to make contact.

Leslie is my father-in-law. He is known as John. Leslie left the orphanage in 1951.

He went to Newburn to find out about his mother.

He was told nothing by his grandparents.

He then visited his Aunt Ruth (Elsie’s sister) in Leigh, Lancashire, England.

His aunt told him that his mother was dead.

It was his cousin (Ruth’s daughter) who said Canada. Her mother told her to shut up.

Leslie left his aunt none the wiser.

It takes another 56 years for Leslie to find out the truth about his mother.

Unfortunately I have not been able to trace any living relatives from Ruth’s branch.

Leslie has had no contact with any of his family.

He didn’t feel welcome. And now they all seem to have disappeared.

It is my quest to find any living relatives.

The closest I got was from a distant cousin from England who gave me a little bit of information about James and Elsie, but hasn’t been in contact with me again.

Anyone with information, please contact

Janet Hall, 5 Eden Avenue, CW7 3AS, England, Janet.hall1@talknet.net.

Janet Hall