Letter to the Editor

A whole lot of shaking going on For months now, my girlfriend and I have been enduring random intense shocks to our house.

A whole lot of

shaking going on

For months now, my girlfriend and I have been enduring random intense shocks to our house.

They have been so bad that the first couple of times we literally thought that either the side of the house fell off or somebody had hit us with a car.

Eventually we were able to determine that these shocks happened at the same time as they were blasting Hamilton Boulevard extension.

Now, I know that this story is old news to anyone living on the upper bench, but guess what? We live in Riverdale, and that is a long way for those shockwaves to go.

I’ve talked to a number of other residents in Riverdale who have also been shocked by these explosions and didn’t have a clue what was going on.

Because we were so far away from the blasting, none of us could believe initially that it could be the blasting.

When this happened I started trying to find out how to get a blasting schedule. The radio advertisements just said that blasting was ongoing and that if you had to be on the trails, to contact the contractor onsite, but there was nothing about how to contact them without going up to the blast site.

I searched the web for the city and YTG and other than a few things talking about the blasting there were no contacts for information.

I get the impression from the news articles that I’ve read that the people in Lobird trailer court have had the same problem trying to find out who is responsible and how to get in touch with them.

Fast forward a couple of months and we have a rain of rocks into Lobird trailer court. 

Now, I know it’s easy to be a backseat quarterback, but I’ve talked to a number of people with blasting experience, and they all say that if the explosives were set properly we shouldn’t be experiencing the large jolts that we are, and certainly the flying rocks indicate that the charges haven’t been set properly.

I suspect that if there was an easy way to have contacted “someone responsible,” though I still don’t know who that would be, they would have had thousands of complaints since blasting started.

I know I’ve heard enough around the water cooler that there must be a lot of unhappy people right now.

Paul Tomlinson


Change your diet,

save your teeth

With respect to your recent article on the subject of fluoridation (Friday May 2nd), in which I was interviewed opposing fluoridation of our water supply, I would respectively suggest to Dick Smith, former president of the Yukon Dental Assoc.,  that it is not the absence of fluoride in our drinking water that is causing more dental problems in children, as he suggests.

Rather, it is the increasingly poor nutrition in our day-to-day foods we are eating.

Let me quote from one of the world’s greatest dentists, Dr. Weston A. Price who, 70 years ago, said, “The underlying cause of dental cavities is lack of proper nutrition. Remineralizing with the kind of foods originally eaten by indigenous people can prevent and even reverse these problems.”

Indigenous peoples around the world, who still live largely as their forefathers, eating natural foods, usually grown by themselves, have next to no cavities.

I can personally attest to this from indigenous peoples I encountered in Australia a few years ago.

This is also true of the Loetschental Valley people living in the Swiss Alps, who live in harmony with nature.

In a recent survey, the modernized Swiss had a rate of tooth decay EIGHT times higher than the Valley people who still followed their native diet.

It is the deepening degeneration caused by our modern lifestyle, which causes us to go to the dentist to fix the problem, allowing people to remain ignorant of the fact that their dietary and lifestyle habits are causing their teeth to decay.

Smith, I realize that it is hard to consider that perhaps the convincing arguments used in your earlier schools of dentistry may, in fact, be based on erroneous assumptions and need to be revisited in the light of increasing evidence to the contrary.

That’s a hard one, and I sympathize, but better the truth than to poison people!

I’m sure you’d agree.

Michael Brine