Letter to the Editor

Council of shame I am reluctant to write this letter because I am not a Whitehorse citizen — although I run a business in the city and pay…

Council of shame

I am reluctant to write this letter because I am not a Whitehorse citizen — although I run a business in the city and pay property taxes.

After this longstanding issue of McLean Lake finally got settled, I’d like to say, it really upsets me the way these people at city hall handle things.

There’s a picture in one of the newspapers of council voting “in the face of opposition.” You have to ask yourself, what is wrong with this picture?

Not one of the council members, or the mayor, is facing the public (opposition) as they vote for the McLean lake proposal.

Is it the lack of a backbone, or do these people know that they are doing something wrong?

In a small community like Whitehorse it is always bad politics if you do not listen to so many people, especially in a case where heavy industrial borders on residential lots and recreational areas.

To get a little more personal, I’d like to say to Dave Stockdale, “Please take your hat; do the honourable thing. Your ideas of running a city don’t fit in with the times we are in.”

If you can say in public that you don’t care about the future because, when the future is happening, you won’t be around anymore, then I have to say, “You are doing more harm to Whitehorse than good.”

Robert Huesler


Grateful boarders

With the Canada Winter Games quickly approaching, the board of Snowboard Yukon would like to thank local folks and businesses who responded to our requests for financial support for our Canada Games snowboard team.

Even with funding assistance from YRAC and the Best Ever Funding, the cost of training and preparation to each athlete and their family was substantial.

Heartfelt thanks to Angela Lewald at Dandelion Dental, Dianne Bruce and Corey Roussell, Joie Quarton, Kobayashi and Zedda Architects, MacDonald and Company and Chinook Bookkeeping.

It is indeed heartwarming to live in such a supportive community and we thank you.

Katrina Couch, Gabe McFarlane, Liam Ferguson, Wheaton Symington and the board of Snowboard Yukon

Get on with it

Being one of the hundreds of planning volunteers who have given their time to getting the Canada Winter Games up and running, I just wish to express what a great experience this has been so far. And the best is yet to come.

Working with Canada Winter Games staff, from the president on down, and many volunteers has been worth every bit of my time.

Being allowed to work with so many caring and hard-working Yukoners and others has been my pleasure.

I have never worked on a project of this magnitude, but I would imagine with any event of this size there will be some mistakes, some disappointment, unhappiness and perhaps even some anger about some things not working out for everyone the way they wish.

The big picture is that we must all keep in mind that the Games staff and all volunteers are doing the very best they can with enthusiasm and dedication.

We all believe in these Games and know it will be an event to remember for a long time.

With only 21 days left, I hope that all Yukoners will step up and showcase our territory to all of Canada. No matter what anyone thinks or wants from this event, the Games are coming and before you know it the 2007 Canada Winter Games will begin.

Do like the hockey fans do, get a Games flag and fly it proudly from your vehicle. Let us show our visitors and all the athletes competing, that we are behind this great, and perhaps only, Canada Winter Games in the North.

I along with more than 3,500 volunteers can’t be wrong. We believe in these Games. This is the first Canada Winter Games North of 60, and the 40th anniversary of the Games. Let us all get on with it and bring on the Canada Winter Games.

Robyn Tripp-Friesen


Energy haste means

money waste

Re Power to the people, by John Witham, the News, February 14:

It is necessary to respond to this letter spouting propaganda in favour of Yukon Energy supplying grid power to the Minto Mine (Sherwood Copper).

Your argument is good in theory. But when you look at the whole picture in reality, unless this is done properly with the right mix of security from Sherwood, the correct rate charged to industrial customers and proper scrutiny of construction costs, the Yukon ratepayer will be left on the hook for the bill.

You know the old saying, “Do not repeat history, especially bad history!”

Utilities Consumers’ Group representatives did not see anyone from the Chamber of Mines, including John Witham, at any of the utility hearings or meetings regarding this project, yet your letter appears to claim that you know what is best for Yukoners.

Where were you and any of the mine representatives at these important debates?

Helping the Yukon economy by providing cheaper and cleaner hydro energy to the mines is a justifiable position, and mining has been the mainstay of our economy for several generations.

But let’s have our ducks in a line before we go shooting ourselves in the foot!

And by the way, the Rate Stabilization Fund is not a subsidy as you suggest, it is a dividend paid back to Yukoners who own Yukon Energy.

Roger Rondeau, president, Utilities Consumers’ Group