Letter to the Editor

Jailed without a cause ...yeah, right! Again, here is a case of phenomenal journalism by Genesee Keevil.

Jailed without a cause …yeah, right!

Again, here is a case of phenomenal journalism by Genesee Keevil.

She interviewed the inmate and, yes, Veronica Germaine is an inmate and yet is totally clueless about what is actually going on.

Having worked at the jail for more than a year, I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with all its guests, including Germaine. Germaine does have special treatment and privileges that many don’t have.

Special excursions come to mind, makeup, arts and crafts, etc. There is much wrong with WCC, but one thing for sure, Germaine’s actions while at WCC are her own and much of what she does is on her to take responsibility for.

She does not want to be treated like an inmate, yet she acts like one.

When not happy, she loses her temper very easily and threatens, swears at the officers, behaves less than ladylike… I have witnessed this firsthand while asking her to get ready for one escort and she was not happy about being woken up.

Keevil should figure out why Germaine is in jail.

Perhaps she’s not criminally responsible; she still is a threat to society and has poor impusle control and needs to be monitored all the time.

The only place to do that at this time, unfortunately, is the jail.

Many other people have suffered like Germaine has, and yet have not commited the crimes she did.

Just my two cents.

Sylvain Racine


How do you propose

to end poverty?

Open letter to Yukon federal election candidates:

In 1989, the House of Commons unanimously resolved to eliminate poverty among Canadian children by the year 2000.

It is 2008 and still no significant change has occurred.

One in six children still lives in poverty and suffers from food depression, accommodation loss or limited access to education.

Every child should have a warm bed that he or she can count on sleeping in every night.

When countless Canadians are going to bed each night hungry while others are purchasing brand new vehicles, we have failed.

Even if we can’t tackle global poverty, we feel it is our responsibility as Canadians to make poverty history here at home.

The commitment to make poverty history in Canada was made in 1989.

The (Whitehorse, Yukon,) FH Collins social justice group would like to know a specific course of action you plan to take to make poverty history as promised.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Cheylsea Mitchell, FH Collins Secondary School, social justice group, Whitehorse

Service cancelled

I am furious about my experience and rude service on Thursday from Whitehorse’s Air Canada staff.

Myself and 10 other passengers were denied access to our 1:45 p.m. flight and bumped to the 7:40 p.m. one because the counter was short-staffed and couldn’t process us in time.

They refused to hold the flight 10 extra minutes to get us on.

I missed an important meeting in Vancouver and my fellow passengers missed connecting flights due to unreasonable people.

• I was at the airport an hour before my flight and joined the long lineup to check in.

• One counter agent was working.

• We were moving at a snail’s pace and the 10 of us left were rudely told the flight was closed and we had to rebook to the later flight.

• They even closed the flight earlier than listed, and we were later told the clocks were off in the boarding lounge and needed to be corrected.

• We were all very upset, but were treated rudely and dismissively by the counter agent.

She chided us on being late and to come earlier next time. But we were on time, and it was Air Canada’s short-staffing that caused the delay.

• The manager was very late in coming to see us. She was equally condescending and as rude, if not more so.

• She did nothing to apologize or empathize, but instead just argued with us.

• We are all extremely upset and have missed important meetings and connecting flights.

Why would I ever fly Air Canada again?

Air North is the way to go!

Adam Gerle