Letter to the Editor

Critic flops On June 6, I, along with friends and family enjoyed the most wonderful evening of entertainment.

Critic flops

On June 6, I, along with friends and family enjoyed the most wonderful evening of entertainment.

We attended the MAD production of Seussical. It was an absolutely magical experience.

The costumes were very tastefully done, the colours and design keeping with Dr. Seuss’s books, the music was delightful, the singing was very professional, the choreography was second to none, the entire production from start to finish was spellbinding.

The two hours seemed to be gone before they even started. Every person that I have spoken with, who attended Seussical, experienced what I did.

I take my hat off to all the MAD students and to Mary and Jeff, their dedicated teachers.

This is the first letter to the editor I have ever written. The reason I feel this should be done has to do with a review written by reporter Tristin Hopper, published in the June 2 edition of your newspaper.

I could not believe the nonsense this reporter wrote about Seussical.

His comments were so far off the mark I’m not sure he even attended the same production, and the fact that he felt he needed Gravol to help him through suggests he was ill at the time and probably should have stayed at home.

The performances by Graham Rudge and Kyle Curtis couldn’t have been more perfect, as were the performances of every student on that stage.

I have a feeling Hopper has yet to pick up a Dr. Seuss book and, if that is not the case, then I sincerely believe this reporter has no taste for the performing arts and should stick to reporting factual news.

Hopefully anyone reading his critique took it with a grain of salt and went to see Seussical for themselves.

Susan Milligan


Missed by the bus

I have received in the mail with my tax forms a brochure from the Whitehorse Transit department.

This brochure, in the opinion of many who live in country residential areas, was not well thought out.

We pay taxes, as does everyone else within Whitehorse city limits. However, we do not get the same service as every other taxpayer.

We do not receive water, sewer, garbage and now you are adding service for everyone, except us.

SAVE GAS, BUY A PASS: Oh, that would be great, but the buses do not come out our way.

If Whitehorse Transit offered service to the outlying subdivisions in the area it would be truly looking at the future and the sustainability of our community as a whole.

We now have new subdivisions coming open that will need service. In the north end of the city limits we have many subdivisions — Whitehorse Copper, McCrae, Wolf Creek, Pineridge, Meadow Lakes, Mary Lake, Spruce Hill and Cowley Creek — each holds a lot of citizens and, if the service provided was well done and got people to and from work in a timely fashion, many of us, if not most of the population — given the gas prices — would be using this service.

Many of us feel that mailing us this brochure sends a message that we, as county residents, do not need this service or maybe that we do not deserve it as we choose to live far from town.

But could you imagine if we all decided to move to town, where would we all live?

There is not enough land to support all of us.

So all we need is the same service provided to everyone else — a bus service to save gas and the environment.

Roxanne Thibaudeau