Lazy city burdens taxpayers


Open letter to Whitehorse mayor and council:

Thank you for this disclosure of energy savings projects implemented by the city.

We realize this took some time to research and it demonstrates a start.

It is obvious, from looking at this chart, that the city has done virtually nothing to cut energy costs for the last number of years, while continually increasing our taxes and user rates. And you wish to continue this increase of our taxes and utility fees for the 2009 budget, while stating energy costs are one of the main drivers for these increases.

Item 29 clearly indicates the city does not have an energy program in place. And only one of all the city buildings, Mt. McIntyre, has been given an energy audit. In fact, according to item 35 the city does not even track or monitor energy costs per department to compare yearly and promote savings. How can you manage what you do not even measure?

Utilities Consumers’ Group respectfully submits that it appears far easier to go to the taxpayer base than to have your management and staff become more efficient and accountable in their respective departments.

As the directors of this corporation, it is the mayor and council’s duty to demand such energy efficiencies per department and have these tracked and documented.

Until such time as this is completed, Utilities Consumers’ Group would have to conclude that you are derelict in your duties by simply raising taxes and user rates.

Roger Rondeau

Utilities Consumers’ Group