Is it time for an Orange Revolution?

Is it time for an Orange Revolution? Regarding Sheldon Miller's medical bill, I am totally on side with Yvonne Bessette from Keno. I pledge $100 toward any account set up to deal with this bill, should it come to that. The people of the Yukon care more a

Regarding Sheldon Miller’s medical bill, I am totally on side with Yvonne Bessette from Keno. I pledge $100 toward any account set up to deal with this bill, should it come to that. The people of the Yukon care more about Yukoners than the Fentie government does.

Beyond that, there are three aspects to this issue:

1) Larry Bagnell, how is it that Canadians are no longer eligible for universal health care if they move between territories, for one minute let alone a month? Who came up with this idea? I think the Canadian government needs to step in and clean up the act around here. All Canadians should be covered at all times when in this country. Whether they move or not, their right to universal health care should not be jeopardized.

2) The courts need to be employed to throw this medical bill out the window. Miller needs to sue for harassment and have a judgment made that he does not have to pay the bill. The evidence is in your favour, Miller; get yourself into the driver’s seat and enter a claim in the courts to have this harassment stop. While you’re at it, sue for damages.

3) Dennis Fentie. Now here is a big problem. The fact that this supposed representative of the people cares so little about the people of the Yukon that he will not even comment on this issue is despicable. Fentie pulls the ‘silent treatment’ like a little boy holding his breath. He thinks he is a tough-guy and, in reality, he is a coward who will not face the public. His insolence is more than unattractive; as a voter, it makes me angry.

It’s time for Fentie and his crew of ‘up-your’s’ bullies to be shown the door. Issue after issue, they flip us the bird: Yukon Energy, Pilot Mountain sheep hunting, Miller’s medical bill. And these are just the issues of the past week.

The Fentie government stonewalls the public, they believe we are a bunch of wieners who do not warrant a response. If the media dares to criticize Fentie, he refuses to explain his position. The public does not deserve an explanation, and even if they did, his ego problems with the Yukon News are more important.

Unfortunately, I see a pretty bloodless response from the opposition. Come on opposition, spread your wings! This Yukon Party government won’t bend, OK, that’s just fine. So they’ll break. Give it a shot, like they’re daring you to! I’d like to see a responsive, engaged, courageous and intelligent bunch of people working for us as the territorial government next time around. Maybe it could be you.

The Yukon Party government is supposed to be the public’s representative to the bureaucracy. They are supposed to be our go-between, using our opinion to direct the bureaucracy, and explaining back to us why things are happening the way they are when things seem wrong. This government has gone way off the rails and has no interest in doing that. They are a posse unto their own, beholden to none.

They do not get along with the public, they do not get along with the media, and apparently they do not get along with the bureaucracy as evidenced by mass resignations at high levels. Whom do they get along with?

The mining corporations apparently, by building them roads and electrical lines, hunters who want to shoot from the comfort of their quads on Pilot Mountain, and who knows who else behind all those closed doors.

The Fentie government is breaking rules, (bypassing Yukon Energy protocol), and breaking trust with the public and I am fed up. If you are too, please write a letter to the editor, make a poster, whatever it takes to get heard in this territory.

Man, it’s like we need an Orange Revolution around here.

I have voted for every party in this territory, at least in elections I am eligible to vote in, including the Green Party and the Yukon Party. I am not a party hack. I vote for the person, not the party, and I vote for the issues and the platform of the day.

So, do not believe that I am just someone who’s got it in for the Yukon Party.

I just read the paper and I feel that this lack of accountability and stonewalling of the media, and thereby the public, is getting completely out of hand and ridiculous.

Susie Rogan