Grundmanis, Terry squash the competition

The Better Bodies & Squash Yukon 2008 Junior Squash Championships hit the courts this weekend, wrapping up the competitive squash season for…

The Better Bodies & Squash Yukon 2008 Junior Squash Championships hit the courts this weekend, wrapping up the competitive squash season for another year.

Here are the winners:


1st Stephen Grundmanis

2nd Sophia Flather


1st Nicholas Terry

2nd Alex Kastelein


1st Kelly Panchyshyn

2nd Brandon Gullison

(9-4, 9-5, 9-1)

Consolation:  Coleman

Newell over Anna-Lee

Jacobsen (9-7, 9-4, 9-7)


1st Logan Harris

2nd Graydon McDonnell

(9-5, 9-4, 9-2)

Consolation: Territ White

over Nicholas Dobush

(9-2, 7-9, 9-5, 9-8)


Last Wednesday’s Orienteering B-meet on the Golden Horn map doubled as a fundraiser for the Yukon Orienteering Association’s junior team.

The rain showers stopped just in time and more than 65 people came out to participate and support the junior team.

The courses ranged from a 1.5-kilometre beginners to the 6.25-kilometre-long advanced.

In the beginners’ course Lynda MacKeigan topped the field in 13:36, with Shawn Kitchen and Ben Traynor following.

In the intermediate course, Liam Kiemele led an impressive field of more than 30 participants, finishing in 26 minutes flat, followed by Caelen McLean and Perry Hynes.

Kendra Murray and Dahria Beatty tied for first on the short-advanced course, both finishing in 51:18, with Ryan Kelly and Phil Hoffman close behind. The grueling long-advanced course was easily won by Canadian champ Pam James in 67:05.

Top finishers:

Beginner, 1.5 kilometres,

80-metre climb

1st Lynda MacKeigan,


2nd Shawn Kitchen, 17:56

3rd Ben Traynor, Justin

Enns, 19:04

Intermediate, 2.75

kilometres, 80-metre climb

1st Liam Kiemele, 26:00

2nd Caelen McLean, 31:02

3rd Perry Hynes, 31:41

Short advanced, 4 kilome

tres, 120-metre climb

1st  (tie) Kendra Murray,

51:18, Dahria Beatty, 51:18

2nd Ryan Kelly, 51:36

3rd Phil Hoffman, 53:14

Long advanced, 6.25 kilo

metres, 210-metre climb

1st Pam James, 67:05

2nd Jim Hawkings, 91:24

3rd Forrest Pearson, disq.


minor soccer

Under-16 (Thursday)

Mic Mac Toyota 5

Dave’s Cleaning 5

Jesse Latoski scored three goals for Mic Mac Toyota, and Kurtis Hill added two more, in this draw. Tyson Baxter was Toyota’s top player.

Nick Gillen scored three goals for the cleaners, and Travis Olynyk and Ian Wintemute scored as well.

Kal Tire 11

High Calibre Contracting 8

Caleb Kelly led Kal Tire with an impressive four-goal performance on Thursday, with Adam Torgerson and Michael Donohoe scoring two each, and Cody Lessard, Hana Vole and Danny Martin-Guhl scoring as well. Cody Lessard took the MVP nod.

High Calibre’s scorers were Thomas Mills, with three, Michael Hare added two, and Marcus Hickey, Matthew Pollard and Adrian Hawkings scored as well. Jackie Rodriguez was named MVP.


MacKay & Partners 3

Martin Sealy netted five goals for EBA, as they thumped MacKay. Montanna Coburn, Alex Lindsey and William Thomson scored as well, and Michael Hunter was named most valuable player.

MacKay’s Brett Hills scored two, and William Thomson (borrowed from EBA) added one, Kaiden McIntyre took the MVP nod.

Bumper to Bumper 11

Alpine Bakery 4

Bumper’s Joaquin McWatters had a strong night, with five goals. Chalie Kedziora added three, Scott Dupont booted a pair and Kelsey Smeeton scored as well. The MVP was Trevor Hana for volunteering to switch teams to play goal for the short-handed Bakers.

Kile Riley, Owen Hedstrom-Langford, Helen Hedstrom-Langford and Travis Pumphrey each scored for the Bakers, and the MVP was Owen Hedstrom-Langford.

Under-7 (Thursday)

Most valuable player and star player awards:

Coates Services Yukon — Hannah Jacobs, Preetinder Dhillon

Coldwell Banker — Oscar Sawicki, Shailyn Moore

M&M Meatballs — MacKenzie Cameron, Aseem Gill

Lake Laberge Lions Club — Kayden King, Cameron Bushell

Silver Spoke Adventure — Oscar Burgess, Jude Slater

Soccer Tots (Thursday)

Most enthusiastic player, best kicker awards:

Renates Slapshots — Cole Cowan, Airianna Gibson

Kilrich Industries — Olivia Blisner, Emily King

Sandor’s Selects — Chloe Sembsmoen, Dylan Currie

M&A Yukon Ltd. — Alexis Benson, Errol Ekholm

Titan — Hanna Falle, Finn Beaulieu

Men’s commercial golf

It’s golf time again, and here are the first week’s results for the Mountainview Thursday Nights Men’s Commercial league.  New this year is a two-division format.

May 22 results:

Palmer Division

1st Missing Links, 8

2nd Matco

Transportation, 8

3rd Total Trac Yukon, 8

4th Sandor’s Selects, 8

5th EMCO Ace Holes, 7

6th Feature Foods, 6

7th Yukon Tire

Mechanical, 4

8th Northwestel, 4

9th P&M Recycling, 4

10th Roadhouse Offsales

Relics, 4

11th Macdonald & Co., 2

12th Howie’s Hackers, 1

13th Ketza Construction, 0

14th Skookum Asphalt, 0

15th Northerm Knights, 0

16th Royal Bank, 0

Nicklaus Division

1st Pour Rite

Construction, 6

2nd Narrow Gauge, 6

3rd Triple “J” Services, 5

4th Whse Business Mach, 5

5th Super A, 4

6th Olson Construction, 4

7th The Chain Gang, 4

8th Irving Collision, 4

9th Talmark

Construction, 4

10th Kal Tire, 4

11th Shoppers Drug, 3

12th Roadhouse Bar &

Grill, 3

13th MacKay LLP, 2

14th Pacific Northwest

Moving, 2