Gone, never forgotten


Joyce Hayden’s recent passing brought forth many remarks of tribute, which she so rightfully earned after a lifetime of dedicated work as community builder and NDP politician.

I would like to mention a couple more, which came to mind during the celebration of life service at the High Country Inn Convention Centre.

Fifteen metres away stands Kaushee’s Place, the home for women who are victims of violence. As MLA and cabinet minister, Joyce Hayden helped make that happen because there was a need that had to be met.

Thirty metres away used to be one of the first child-care centres in Whitehorse, when the YWCA was in operation under Hayden’s leadership. She saw a need and it was met.

A little farther away is a small park behind the Sport-Rec building. When the former Jim Light Arena was being succeeded by more modern recreational facilities, Hayden, MLA at the time, fought to keep the area as recreational, for the benefit of children and families in the downtown area she represented. Again, she saw a need and it was met, through her efforts and those of others.

We miss her, but her legacy lives on, as does her spirit of community and social justice.

Max Fraser