And still more salvia …


Re Controversial legal hallucinogen ‘safe:’

Cops want salvia criminalized because they want to have control over what the public gets to do for fun.

Most cops love prohibition because it ensures their powers of coercion and ever-expanding budgets, because the War On Certain Drugs was never meant to be won, it was meant to be continuous.

Health Canada, the puppet of Big Pharma, would probably like to criminalize it because they want to criminalize everything from Vitamin C to dandelions (Google “Codex Alimentarius”). They would rather have your kids on Ritalin than some weird Mexican herb, because Ritalin can’t be grown in a backyard or window box.

Social workers and “addiction” specialists want it criminalized because then the courts will force people into jails or “rehab”, ensuring the longevity of that profession.

The churches really want salvia criminalized because any path to the divine that doesn’t go through them is considered evil.

But most of all, drug dealers want salvia criminalized because it will give them one more commodity to profit from.

They can grow it like pot, push it to kids, and that gets the kids looking at the rest of their unregulated inventory, like X, acid, meth, coke, etc. That is how the “gateway” works.

If criminalizing salvia has anywhere near the amount of success that marijuana prohibition has had, salvia will become contaminated, more potent, five times as expensive and more widely available to people under 19. Then the police will use that as a reason to demand even more powers and higher budgets.

So, yeah, salvia will probably be illegal soon. Not because it is dangerous, but because it is profitable for cops, gangsters, addiction specialists, and the pharmaceutical industry to criminalize it.

Russell Barth, federally licensed medical marijuana user

Nepean, Ontario