An ‘appeel’ to youth and the Yukon Party

First off, I applaud the letter regarding the Peel sent by the Watson Lake high school student. Bravo, young sir!

First off, I applaud the letter regarding the Peel sent by the Watson Lake high school student.

Bravo, young sir!

In the new world order of social media and the recent global events where social media played a pivotal role –

Arab Spring, Japan earthquake, Koni 2012 – I challenge young people to stand up and be counted on the future of the Peel River watershed.

We have witnessed YouTube video go viral for reasons, which sometimes appear trivial – kids biting fingers, celebrity fashion statements.

When I consider all that amazing artistic talent living here in the Yukon, I want to again challenge Yukon youth to create something big on the Peel and make it go viral. Get the message out to the world, show off its beauty in film, in art and most importantly, show the world how this Yukon government is ignoring the wishes of the people and the science and is clearly in the hands and under the influence of special interest groups, resource extraction lobbyists and corporate thugs (see Quote of the Day – March 9 Yukon News).

Expose them with social media. Show other young people in New York, London and Mumbai how our government is going to allow the environmental destruction of one of the last great pieces of wilderness left on the planet.

Consider all the issues of overpopulation, deforestation, soil erosion, desertification, poverty, hunger, disease, pollution, human greed, materialism, cruelty, crime and warfare – all the problems that we humans have inflicted on the planet and say, not here.

Consider the interconnectedness of everything and use social media as the metaphor. Youth need to stand up and fight the wrongs because you are our heritage and you will be inheriting these global issues and a desecrated Peel watershed.

Be encouraged. Be empowered. You all count. You all matter. Bring the world to the Yukon, to the Peel. Show them what’s at stake!

My message to the Yukon Party is hold a referendum.

The ballot should have three choices. No protection, 80 per cent protection or 100 per cent protection. If you don’t, you’ll be a one-term government.

Follow the rule of democracy, let the people decide. You are elected by us and here to serve us, not to dictate.

You’re acting like you own the Peel, but you don’t. It’s the people’s; it’s ours and the people will not condone forever the reckless pursuit of unethical and destructive behaviours by your party of narrow-minded, misinformed and misguided representatives.

Hold a referendum and adhere to the results. Show some positive function as opposed to the well-illustrated dysfunction we’ve all been exposed to on the Peel watershed debate. Govern responsibly.

Dusty Hill

Haines Junction/Body