A historic mess


Are they or aren’t they – historical or heritage buildings, that is?

These buildings, directly across from the Tourism Information Centre on Lambert Street, are often the first visual contact tourists have with our city’s presumed history.

If these three buildings are supposed to be representative of our past, then whoever looks after historical buildings is doing a lousy job. And if these buildings are not of historical significance, then the city is doing a lousy job of keeping up our image.

Fuel tank, derelict machinery, discarded pellets, garbage, weeds and leftover building material – our heritage? Our history?

I have seen visitors lifting up their camera to get a good shot of something interesting and then dropping them, shaking their heads in dismay and disgust.

Is this really what we want tourists to take back home as a memory of Whitehorse?

This shameful mess has existed now for some time.

Hello, does anybody care? Our reputation as a vibrant, forward-looking community, a community that is proud of its past, is certainly not represented here.

Whitehorse – maybe all the fuss about a logo could have been solved in this pile of junk.

What a first impression!

Seniors living in Closeleigh Manor also have to look at this blight every day; what are supposed to be the golden years of their lives are spent looking at this disappointing neglect of our history.

What have you done with what we seniors have worked for all our lives?

A shameful situation indeed.

Would it be asking too much if the news media were to take an interest in our reputation abroad, in the visual impact we have on visitors?

Michael Brauer