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Alright, we need your help. Next week, we recast the Monday edition. You’re going to find stories about one of Canada’s best principals…

Alright, we need your help.

Next week, we recast the Monday edition.

You’re going to find stories about one of Canada’s best principals and about the most ambitious entrepreneur you are ever going to meet.

And neither one lives in Whitehorse.

You’re also going to discover the territory’s most popular wedding destination.

Again, it’s not in Whitehorse.

Our plan is to focus Monday on rural Yukon.

We want to give more ink to events and personalities from Watson Lake to Old Crow and all places in between.

It’s part of a wide-ranging restructuring going on over here.

You’ll have noticed a few tweaks that have cropped up in the pages of late.

For example, we decided that, since the paper had become so hefty — 96 pages today, for example — we needed a place to flag all the local content, columns and other gems that we scatter so liberally through our pages.

So now there’s an index, dubbed Inside, that graces page two.

And, for quite some time, our reporters have wanted to bolster the number of local stories appearing in these pages.

And so, over the last couple of months, we have worked to expand our news coverage.

As well, we launched This Week, a planner highlighting a few of the many events happening around town. You’ll find it on page 10, alongside your letters to the editor.

Now, we turn our eyes to the rest of the Yukon.

Our team of reporters will be contacting representatives in the communities over the next couple of weeks, introducing themselves and inviting participation in the fast-evolving Yukon News.

But we’ll also need your direct help.

Phone and e-mail us about the people, events and other stuff going on in your towns, villages and roadhouses.

We’ll do our best to work it into Monday’s pages.

Give us some lead time — the earlier we’re told about something the greater the possibility we’ll be able to write about it.

There will be some jostling, and hopefully some competition — we’ll be watching to find out which community proves the best self promoter.

And we plan to follow up our successful Old Crow edition, producing more papers solely focused on a rural community.

It’s all part of our plan to improve our coverage of the territory.

And there are more changes coming.

In the next month, we plan to … no, on second thought, we’re not going to give away everything at once.

Stay tuned. We think you’ll like what’s in store. (RM)