Hey, stupid, the ‘net’s not dumb

Music on? Check. E-mail? Check. Browser? Yup. Coffee near at hand? Oh yeah, baby. Twitter and Facebook feeds activated? Yesiree. Word processor program booted? Yup. Messenger? Check.

News team packs home the trophies

The Yukon News picked up six awards in the 2006 Ma Murray Community Newspaper Awards in Vancouver last week.

We are all made of stars

Last night - late last night - if you looked southwest you would have seen a beguiling object twinkling in the inky black sky. It wasn't white, or silver-gold, as is normal. This baby was clearly flashing quicksilver, green and red. It was awesome, but pe

Polar Plunge 2017
The Nutcracker
Demonstrators chant 'don't be mean' outside Toronto Tim Hortons
Integrity RV launches Free Trailer for a Week Program

It’s a good day. Just like yesterday.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s officials have assured us the Canadian economy is stronger than it has ever been.

They love us! Afghans really love us!

A recent CBC poll of Afghans suggests that fully 60 per cent of that nation’s people support the presence of foreign troops in their nation.

There’s a cost to the stench

That pile of Styrofoam, moldy carpet, construction glue and plastic containers smouldering at the local dump may smell really bad, but it's not dangerous. Not yet.

Kwanlin Dun’s test begins now

The Kwanlin Dun First Nation wants to assume control for educating its people. That is, it wants to be treated like a first-order government.

Apparently it takes a government to raise a village

We recently came across an extraordinary remark. Read it, and mull it over. “It would be unrealistic for people to build new hotel space for…

It takes a community to raise an elite athlete

The entire Yukon is basking in the glow of Alexandra Gabor’s stunning medal-winning swims at the Canada Summer Games in PEI this week. And so it should.

Ottawa betrays contempt for Mexicans, Roma

Last month, in a snap decision imposed within a 24-hour period, Ottawa imposed a visa restriction on Mexican and Czech travellers.

Games tendering practices must be fixed

The Canada Games Host Society calls itself open and transparent. But that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Two bits on remembrance

We remember our dead soldiers. And we forget the living ones. In 2006, Ottawa implemented the New Veterans Charter, ostensibly to improve things for soldiers who had been maimed, mutilated and mentally damaged while fighting for this country.

True grit

Young ladies of the Yukon women's hockey team, please accept our apologies. This paper never intended to mock your tenacious performance at the Canada Games this week. Quite the opposite, in fact.

A change in climate

President Barack Obama appears to understand the threat of climate change. Stephen Harper does not. The question now is whether Harper can actually bridge that gap. Because he's going to have to. Pollution-caused global warming has been a feature of virtu

Time for the NHL to take a hit

This week, it's Nathan Horton. On January 1, it was Sidney Crosby. Who's it going to be next week?

Is government enforcing its laws?

The News is investigating charges the government has not been enforcing the Yukon Liquor Act. According to information received in the last month,…

Nice labs, empty heads

Building research labs is great if you're doing research. It's sort of useless if you're not. Canada is doing a lot less research these days.

Brace yourself for a hit

The world sees Canada as a storehouse of natural resources. And it is. This week, a special report drafted by TD Bank Financial Group confirms the…

CO inquest: not if, but when

The Yukon coroner's office specializes in death, but it's actually in the business of "protecting the living." So says the website where it spells out its place in the world.

Angry about cell charges? Dial Clement and the CRTC

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission must be retooled for modern society. Case in point. Ottawa recently squandered $1.