Sunday afternoon in the bookstore

Elaine Taylor is walking the Whitehorse West neighbourhood taking stock of the public mood after a busy, cold and snowy winter.

Trevor is the tip of the iceberg

Trevor is one lucky dog. The German shepherd/Rottweiler cross was set to be euthanized by bylaw services after biting at least three Yukoners. But a Supreme Court hearing on Thursday gave him another chance.

Sold down the pipe

Someone should probe the issue of bandwidth caps in Canada. And it probably should not be the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission. Better to task the Canadian Competition Bureau.

Polar Plunge 2017
The Nutcracker
REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video
Women, supporters march throughout B.C.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd

Calgary-based WestJet Airlines dropped a news bomb on the Yukon this week. After years of tire-kicking, it's finally decided to plunge into the Whitehorse market. With both feet.

An extraordinary airline

Air North’s transformation from a local to a regional airline has been remarkable. It wasn’t that long ago that the company was flying…

What we have here is a failure to regulate

The Yukon Party government has a laser-like focus on development. Mines, farms, big game outfits, gravel pits, land, geological exploration, oil and…

Power to the people

True story. The other day, a 12-year-old boy was watching an episode of Smallville with his parents. In the show, the lights flickered and went…

Time to get off the bus

Unless the city is ready to do something innovative with transit, studying the issue again is a waste of time and money. And there is little evidence the city wants to innovate. Besides, there really is no city bus problem.

Why do we smell bacon?

At budget time there are no surprises anymore. Take, for example, Premier Dennis Fentie. Tuesday, he revealed details of his forthcoming budget to "the people.

Are we bilingual, or aren’t we?

If Canada is a bilingual country, the people sitting on the Supreme Court bench should speak both French and English. If it's not bilingual, then someone should say so.

Physician, heal thyself

The Yukon's Catholic Church leaders are free to live in the 1950s for as long as they want, provided they do so on their own dime. But it's different when a bishop tries to impose his own retrograde views on human sexuality.

Award winning journalism

The Yukon News has the best arts coverage in the country, according to the Canadian Community Newspaper Association, which represents 700…

We hope the fix is in

In the next couple of days, Dr. Bruce Beaton and James Allen are expected to deliver their report on chronic inebriants. We hope they recommend some sort of medical detox facility in their final document.

Government on the fly

It must be unsettling working in the Yukon civil service these days. You never know when Premier Dennis Fentie is going to overrule your decisions…

Debt is never a good investment

There are good investments, and there are bad investments. People must start asking themselves which ones the Yukon government is making. No, we are not referring to the $36-million asset-backed commercial paper fiasco.

Time for the city to cut loose

Here's a picture for you. While empty, serviced lots sit unused downtown, Whitehorse is tearing up popular residential greenbelts to build homes.

Pay equity laws may rest on flimsy foundations

By John Thompson News Reporter Why do women, on average, earn less than men? This is a complicated, politically charged question. For the Public Service Alliance of Canada, it's a no-brainer: women continue to be oppressed at the workplace by systemic sex

Government gamble on metals a long shot

Nothing lasts forever. The latest reminder of this pithy aphorism comes courtesy of DBRS, a Toronto-based debt-rating agency.

Black eyes all around

As if it didn't have enough troubles, now there's a coup shaping up in the RCMP. And, when the dust settles, nobody is going to look good.

United we stand…

After three months in office, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has ramped up federal spending by $40 billion over its Liberal…